Till Weinert

Agile Coach | Trainer | Scrum Master | Till Weinert | till.weinert@novatec-gmbh.de | +49 160 3305515

As a passionate fire artist, I regularly juggle with a lot of burning things. Not only in a metaphorically way – but quite literally.

You need to be attentive to not get burned – or burn someone else. It is no different in everyday work: In an increasingly complex and faster moving world we are constantly challenged to keep everything in the air.

In my job as agile coach, consultant and trainer for agile methods, I am acting in exactly that kind of “hot project” environment. With a lot of creativity, skill and experience, I work with the teams to explore how we can handle their challenges. In doing this I can rely on my intuition for communication and dynamics between people.

Because – just like juggling – the fun really starts when we skillfully pass the burning clubs within the team – without anyone getting burned.