There are lots of great reasons to choose Novatec! Find out about the benefits you could enjoy here.


Our ideas management system: You put your ideas forward, our employees vote for them, and then we get going! It could be anything: Ultra-wide monitors, a BBQ for the staff, or a suggestion for the best available coffee!

We make you feel good

We know that satisfied employees ensure our success. That's why you'll feel supported by representatives and "feel-good management" in everything that's important to you.

All the way up

Our career paths shed light in the dark: You'll always know which professional and personal skills you need for your next step up the ladder.

Happy healthy novatechies

The health of our employees comes first. We help here by providing height-adjustable desks, yoga courses, eye tests, and vaccination opportunities.

Never stop learning

You decide which further training or conference is right for you. Whether as a speaker or part of the audience, remote or live, internal or external: We'll encourage anything that helps you to progress.

Choose your device

MacBook or Lenovo, Android or iPhone: The choice is yours.

Smells like team spirit

There are lots of reasons to celebrate, and we shouldn't let them slip by! We also have lots of joint activities to take part in: Soccer, table soccer, climbing, and skiing. Going to join us?

My home is my castle

Do you work best in your home office or on our premises? Do you like to sleep in or are you an early bird? Our really flexible working time model is suitable for all. There are no core working hours and 30 days of vacation is standard.

Choose mobility

Regardless of whether you like to cycle, take public transport, or drive, our mobility model will get you the best deal thanks to our special conditions.

The cherry on the top

We support our employees wherever possible. Employees who are loyal to us for a long time, take chances for us, and make sure that we don't run out of upcoming young talent, can look forward to additional cash bonuses and childcare subsidies.

Office spaces

Our think-tanks, collaboration areas, and daily stand-up and relax zones offer the perfect environment for daily meetings, teamwork, and pair programming sessions. And our gaming room ensures a pleasant diversion during your breaks!

Corporate benefits

Our employee benefits make shopping easier. Whether it's technology, travel, or clothes: You'll save money.
Paoli Izquierdo
„As a manager at Novatec, I've never seen any difference between how men are treated and how women are treated. "Equality" isn't just an empty word here – it's something that every single employee benefits from.“
Paoli Izquierdo, Principal Software Engineer
„Novatec creates the perfect balance between skills, performance, and work enjoyment. It offers training that provides the ideal breeding ground for my development as well as a working environment where flat hierarchies and the fun things in life like table soccer can be taken for granted.“
Paulo Ferreira Da Silva, Mixed Reality Consultant
Isabel Vico Peinado
„Being able to take care of my baby and combine my personal family life with my work is fundamental. I have even brought my little one to the company events without any inconvenience! That’s fantastic!“
Isabel Vico Peinado, Senior Software Engineer, Novatec GmbH
Marcel Lengl
„I'm happy to be a training manager at Novatec, since I know exactly how important it is to build a knowledge basis with a broad spectrum and to gain practical experience to enable the perfect start to your career. My personal goal is to convey the idea that delivering high-quality software is not just work but can also be fun.“
Marcel Lengl, Software Engineer
„As a student employee at Novatec, your ideas and suggestions are welcomed, since everyone treats you as an equal. It's the same with my tasks – everyday life is never boring here!“
Jasmin Weggler, Student Employee
Jesus Alberto Clivilles Ais
„In my opinion, the perfect flow is the fusion of employees, processes and the company. Everything has to mesh together, so that everything flows in the right direction. I identify with that "perfect flow" because things are always changing to improve.“
Jesus Alberto Clivilles Ais, Software Engineer, Novatec GmbH
Jasmin Thurner Zinsstag
„Our employee events are great opportunities to experience something other than everyday working life together, get to know each other better and strengthen the bonds of the Novatec team. I particularly enjoy shaping these events in accordance with the "perfect flow" concept!“
Jasmin Thurner-Zinsstag, Marketing Manager
Marc Häbich
„Novatec understands that satisfied employees are employees who have time for their families, too – especially in the case of single parents. Thanks to the opportunities provided by Novatec, I have time to look after my three kids alongside my project work for customers and my management tasks as Unit Lead.“
Marc Häbich, Principal Software Engineer
„For me, flexible working times are part of the "perfect flow". Novatec also offers me, as a consultant, a regulated work/life balance by including me in the selection of projects and granting me the freedom to work from my home office when necessary.“
Katharina Hersztowski, Senior Consultant


We want to do more than simply wait! With our initiative Women@Novatec, we want to increase the attention given to women in IT and improve their visibility.

Our objective: To encourage young talent and help them along their way. As well as improving the situation of women within Novatec, we want to make a difference in the outside world, too.

What does the Women@Novatec initiative mean for us? It means shaping new paths, reinforcing internal cooperation, and attracting more girls and women to the world of IT.

Find out more about the Women@Novatec initiative