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17. July 2020
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Call it as you want, action is what really matters: the feel-good ambassador journey.

In Silicon Valley, some companies could not live without their feel-good manager, a must-have for the happiness and wellbeing of the people, in Germany there are roundabout 100 managers who ensure that the people in the company are happy and motivated... We interviewed our feel-good ambassador of Granada, Victor about his experiences.

What does a feel-good ambassador/manager do? 

He/she is the unifying force who adds value to a company/organization. This person is before anything else a human being, therefore he/she is focusing the attention on the people, being a trusty reference person for the whole organization. He/she makes sure that everyone is keeping the mood up so they can be more motivated and engaged. The feel-good person takes care of the fun side of the daily business but also makes struggles become interesting and lighter challenges.

What organizational changes have you noticed since you your beginning in this journey? 

The key change I noticed is that the office-environment has significantly improved. The earliest action taken was organizing an off-site office-event, where the people addressed the throwbacks, as a whole, for the first time. Starting from that event, everyone felt more committed and found the right place for leading further initiativesTalking about furthers milestones I would like to highlight our Ideas Management project, called SMILE, where we were able to improve the well-being of the crew.  

What is the SMILE project about? 

The initiative is founded and funded by the company where the people share their ideas for enhancing the daily life within the organization and outward. I can take for example the accountability of the company to offset the carbon footprint, new comfortable height-adjustable desks, and a bean-to-cup coffee machine. The process is managed in an Agile way, ideas are implemented upon everybody’s feedback. 

What would you recommend to companies which are not investing in the well-being of their people? 

In the IT industry, talent retention is a high-priority challenge for every organization due to the need to have the best people on board, and the market is aggressive and in continuous change. People with high social skills are the ones who should better lead this transformation, which requires the support and approval of the Top-managementFor servant leaders like in my case, I would suggest being inclusive, patient, transparent, and last but not least, humorous. 

Which part of your role do you enjoy the most? 

Oh, I love that you asked me so!  It is as simple as that: The best part is to see people happy, motivated, engaged, and having fun with the rest of the group.  

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