Configuring data backends in Grafana is easy enough. Just set the connection endpoint, add credentials and you're good to go. However, once you find yourself in a dynamic environment, doing this manually get's rather tedious...
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inspectIT to catch the OpenCensus wave

January 2019 Ivan Senić & Alexander Wert
The inspectIT team is happy to announce the start of the inspectIT OCE project, which aims to combine features of the existing inspectIT APM project and the flexibility of the OpenCensus instrumentation library. Our goal...
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Modular Open-Source APM Kit Experiment

September 2018 Christian Vögele & Thomas Zwickl
In our recent Blog Post we introduced the OpenAPM Initiative. Using OpenAPM you are able to design an open source Application Performance Management (APM) landscape that is suitable to monitor  your technology stack. In this...
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