23. October 2017
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Cloud Foundry or Kubernetes? - finally a question of the past! (A Cloud Foundry Summit trip review)

Two weeks ago I visited the 2017 Cloud Foundry Summit Europe in Basel. Last week (almost) all sessions have been released publicly to youtube and most of the slide decks of the talks are available for download. Big thanks! With this post I would like to summarize my personal highlights of the conference and recommend a few speaker sessions that I liked in particular.


One of my personal highlights was the announcement of the Cloud Foundry container runtime based on a managed Kubernetes platform. In my daily life as consultant I have encountered the question “Should we do Cloud Foundry or Kubernetes”?
In my opinion it has always been a clear “It depends”! Just use the right tool for the right job. Nevertheless the discussion often left the technical scope and ended up into an almost political split between the CF and the K8s parties.

With the new announcement from the summit it means you have both layers of abstraction available to whoever favors a certain way. If you prefer to deliver your application to the platform in the form of code you can still use the classic CF elastic runtime, which is now called Application Runtime. If you prefer to deliver your application already built into a container you can use the new Container Runtime. Both of them are managed and powered by the BOSH infrastructure and there are many combinations of both that make a lot of sense.

In the following video you can see the initial announcement during the keynote done by Abby Kearns, Executive Director for Cloud Foundry Foundation (@ab415). I like the entire keynote, the topic about container runtime starts at around minute 6.

An explanation from Kenny Bastani in Twitter short form:

In addition to that there were two talks about exactly this topic given by Fred Melo, Pivotal (@fredmelo_br) & Meaghan Kjelland, Google (@meaghnk) and Cornelia Davis, Pivotal (@cdavisafc). Unfortunately both talks had been scheduled at exactly the same time. I picked Cornelia’s version, which was great and I know from friends that really appreciated Meaghan and Fred’s talk.

Here you can find videos on both:

Skill education

Apart from the Kubernetes topic there was one session I particularly liked. This was given by Steve Greenberg (@spgreenberg) from Resilient Scale about skill improvement end education.
Please watch 🙂

Cloud Native Development

Two talks from a cloud native development perspective I really enjoyed were Kenny Bastani, Pivotal (@ab415) & Prithpal Bhogill, Google (@pbhogill) about Microservice deployments and Andreas Falk (@andifalk) on Security with Vault. For the ones that have missed the 3rd Stuttgart Cloud Foundry Meetup. Kenny’s talk is also got review of what he covered in a slightly altered way on the meetup.


One highlight of the last day was the short appearance of Julz Friedman (@doctor_julz) during the keynote to show serverless aspects of Cloud Foundry in a very entertaining manner.


I could continue extending this list by far. And just because I did not list other sessions, I did not mean to devaluate them by any means. There are most likely a couple of great sessions that I have missed, too.

You can find the overall playlist to all videos here: Playlist
The presentation materials are linked as PDFs to the sessions in the schedule: Schedule

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