15. April 2015
3 min

Count down for GreenPepper Successor!

GreenPepper is a powerful tool that supports implementing collaboration driven methods like Behavior Driven Development or Specification By Example. Due to its smart integration into Atlassian Confluence it is still one of the best tools to evolve a living documentation system mainly if you are already using Atlassian Confluence as your Knowledge Management System. Actually this feature is exclusive for GreenPepper compared with of its competitors. Some of these like JBehave & Cucumber are very developer friendly and not really accepted by non technical experts like Business Analysts/Experts or business Testers. Even the nice reporting features provided by those tools or their extensions/plugins cannot really compete with GreenPepper.

Here are some reasons:

  • First the testcases are specified in Confluence. Not in the developers environment. Not in Git or SVN. This might be inadequate for the developers but it is very important for non technical experts. They can see the executable specifications anytime, anywhere and independently from any developing environment.
  • The comfortable editing possibilities of confluences are used to write the feature specifications and the acceptance tests too.
  • The test reports are directly integrated into the concerned confluence pages. Everything at one place
  • Normally teams using Confluence are also using Jira. In this case you have a seamless integration between your requirements and your executable specifications, or even better: your living documentation
  • Another great feature is that you due to confluence you may have all of your documentation types at one place: business/feature documentation (with GreenPepper Tests), technical documentation, system documentation, a.s.o.
  • And much more other cool features …


A good news is that GreenPepper since last year open source on GitHub.  But. Yes. There is a big But.

The Team behind GreenPepper has abondonned the development since some years and they are focusing on other things.

And now the most important good news :).

Since we are using GreenPepper in some of our projects and because we did not find any really convincing alternative we (actually the testIT Team ) have decided by the end of the last year to take over the development of GreenPepper and its modules. One of the major motivations was the missing support of Confluence 5.x.x and Eclipse 4.x. In addition to that it was a good opportunity to refactor the code base and have some smart features we were missing:

  • Support for Confluence 5.5.x
  • Integrated documentation theme
  • Redesign of the configuration pages based on native confluence components
  • Support of aliases for method and fixture names with default german translations of the keywords
  • Jenkins Plugin that persists the results back to confluence
  • Centralized definition of fixture packages to be imported
  • Usage of confluence persistence API instead of an own database
  • And much more…

greenpepper4       greenpepper4-2

We are now working on the last tuning tasks and we promise to release the new edition of GreenPepper as a fork of it very soon and may be with a new name !

But anyway open source 🙂

So keep tuned!

Note: if you want to be informed about the Successor of GreenPepper just drop us a message!

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  1. Martin Meier


    would love to see your latest release. When will you deliver it?

  2. Oumar Aziz OUATTARA


    For those of you wanting to upgrade to confluence 5, or to get the binaries for greenpepper, I have forked and worked on the greenpepper source code. I am now happy to announce a BETA 2 that should meet your desires.
    I have tried to get what I could of the previous documentation ( using Archives.org ) and put it on a website.
    There is still a lot of work to do on the documentation, but the binaries are working correctly. :

    * Confluence 3 plugin is version 2.11 but the embedded greenpepper core is 4.0
    * Confluence 5 plugin is compatible with confluence 5.0.3+

    I made this work before knowing the existing work of Novatec, but I would gladly merge what is possible to merge.

    Download everything from here : http://strator-dev.github.io/greenpepper/#/downloads

    Fork the code from github :

  3. Anis Ben Hamidene

    we are almost ready to go live .. I hope that would by the end of november

  4. Erich

    This would come in very handy. What’s the current status?

  5. JohnK

    Greenpepper was/is awesome! Please notify me when the new release is ready.

  6. Johannes

    Hi Ross, Hi Balázs Szakál,
    sorry for the delayed response, we have not noticed your comments because of the holiday period here. Our plan is to release a version in the next two weeks.

    But we are still working on the open source license subject. We´ll infom you as soon as it´s online 😉

  7. Ross

    Hi Guys,

    My team is using confulence to define its specs and I have suggested we attempt using a specification by example/ATDD approach. Greenpepper is the only software which I have been able to fine which might make this happen for us.

    How are things looking with the development?

  8. Balázs Szakál

    Is there any progress in this tool?
    We are excited to wait about it!

  9. Roland Tepp

    Thanks for a quick reply!

    This really encourages me to believe that the project has found worthwile stewards at last. I will be hoping for a OSS release announcement soon(ish).

  10. Anis Ben Hamidene

    Thanx for your motivating feedback. we´ll inform you as soon as we are done. Keep tuned !

  11. Anis Ben Hamidene

    Because we have done a lot of refactoring which led to a completely new structure of the modules we will need to rename the fork of greenpepper. We are working on a new name and checking license issues and we will put the source open as soon as we are done.

  12. Roland Tepp

    Is the new development done in open or is this now closed source project?

  13. Rikke Simonsen

    Same here. Please notify when you release it. Would be really nifty with BDD support for confluence.

  14. Balázs Szakál

    Is there any solution to get notified about the greenpepper release?
    Any subscribe option?:)