20. March 2015
2 min

Docker file for CA APM Introscope Enterprise Manager

I think the “Docker fever” hit me really hard. After gotten introduced to this great gem of virtualization, I really wonder how we ever did anything without it. You might call me crazy, but the very first thing I look for when installing anything is to search for a Docker image. I am even going as far as to create Docker images when I encounter service I need that do not have any (or any nice ones). So here is one of these images.

At a customer I use the APM solution of CA (often called with its “old” name Wily Introscope). As we are using quite some templating and automatic generation of dashboards, alerts, etc. we have to have an enterprise manager in easy reach to test our generation process. Lets put it like this, the Enterprise Manager of Introscope will not win the “Easiest installation award”, especially if you have to share database instances and need to run multiple versions of an enterprise manager within one environment (sharing the same database).

So now, we are using Docker to run our enterprise manager (and their databases). You can find the Dockerfiles publicly shared at GitHub:

As Introscope is a commercial software, I cannot upload an already built image – at least this is my understanding, so you have to build an image by checking out the projects. But do not despair, the process is easy as pie.

  1. Checkout both projects
  2. Go to docker-introscope-postgres and execute build-image.sh
  3. Go to docker-introscope-enterprisemanager and execute build-image.sh
  4. Start the database by executing run-default-postgres-container.sh
  5. Start the enterprise manager by executing run-default-em-container.sh

Both images come with additional configuration options. I documented them on the GitHub projects. So please have a look there as well.

In case you are wondering why I only provide an image for an older version of Introscope: Our project guideline does not allow to move to Introscope 9.7 already, so we have to stick to 9.6 for now. But please feel free to extend the projects.


— Stefan

edit: I improved the project at GitHub, so here is quite a big update, checkout

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  1. Stefan Siegl

    I forget to add the reason: At the project that I am building the images for, the colleagues use Windows, so they cannot use a dockered UI with boot2docker (afaik).

  2. Stefan Siegl

    Hi Wladislaw,

    Right now I did not built an image for this. To my knowledge this might be possible but will not work under boot2docker (at least when I tried the UI Docker image of our APM tool inspectIT). I will check back with the colleague that built the image for inspectIT but I cannot promise it sorry.


  3. Wladislaw

    Do you have a docker for Introscope Workstation? I want to use the Introscope Workstation version that allows drag and drop to create dashboards.

  4. Iain

    Thanks Stefan – you’ve saved me quite a bit of work! Will try to contribute as well.

  5. Cristian

    Hi, excelent… we will use it for APM development, we will try to contribute it.