09. October 2013
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Hope for Greenpepper?

The development of the popular BDD-Platform GreenPepper has been on ice for a long time. The last update dates from 2010. The confluence plugin supports only Confluence 3.x and the Hudson-plugin does not really work with Jenkins. Last week we have even noticed that the official site was not only offline but even the domain was nor more reachable.

I have tried to reach the responsibles of the company behind Greenpepper  and talk with them about the present and future of that platform.

Here is the answer:

Hi Anis, Thanks for your comment and questions. It is true that we’ve been having discussions on the future of this product. For now, we’ve made the decision to support GreenPepper from our Montreal office, in Canada. This should help with the support and we’ll have more time to evaluate and decide what to do. No matter what happens, our goal is to have it available for our customers. I hope it’s more clear.

Martin Landreville, VP Products

One positive result is that the homepage is now back, with a fresh design but still without content. So there is hope that things are moving. It would be really a pity if the tool dies because it has many great features, and when it works then you can not miss it 😉

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  1. Anis Ben Hamidene

    Hi Ernie,

    unfortunately Pyxis soft have not only shut down the (old) homepage but also the opensource SVN and the maven / nexus repositories as well the whole docukentation and forums So there is no more possibility to access the old files.
    Fortuantely we have a copy of some artefacts of GreenPepper, that we could send you . Which files do you exactly need?
    You can write me directly at ab@novatec-gmbh.de if you want.
    Anis Ben Hamidene

  2. Ernie Saebeck

    Is there anything new about greenpepper? The webpage has no content at all 🙁
    Is there any place where I could download an old version of the plugin?