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28. July 2016
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inspectIT 1.6 - improved usability for Mac users

If you have been reading the NovaTec Blog lately, you already noticed that we started publishing a series of blog posts where we tend to present all the new things around the inspectIT 1.6.9 release. After awesome blogs about our new Configuration interface and the Eclipse Oomph tool, I would like to share some great news to all Mac OSX users our there. The newest inspectIT version is the first one to have everything needed in order to use the leading open-source APM tool on your Mac daily and without any problems.

Missing release packages?

The first obvious problem that we fixed is delivering out all the missing Mac component packages. In the past we used to ship only our RCP-based/Mac-dedicated user interface, mainly because other components could be used anyway. Our agent is just a jar, so completely OS independent, while the CMR for the Linux could have been run on the Mac with the proper Java version installed. But enough about the past, because now we have everything we need:

  1. There is the CMR package release for the Mac OS X (so no more worries if you have the right java version)
  2. And even better, we now provide installers that can install all the needed components on your machine in the most simple possible way: Next -> Next -> Finish

What about look & feel?

Yes we were thinking about that too, it was important to us to finally have a version of the user interface that is fully functional in Mac as well. The most important thing is that we created a small “hack” to ignore that annoying SWT based NullPointerException that started to occur when Apple released El Capitan. So if you ever stopped using inspectIT UI on your Mac because you could not stand anymore the exception dialog with the stack trace that looked like something under this line, please consider having us back.

You will also like that we fixed some other things as well:

  • We changed all the icons that loo disgusting in OS X. Plus we updated our logo files, so now they are also size-compatible with the OS X.
  • We fixed all the bugs that were ignoring any action bounded to the radio and check buttons.
  • We improved look of all tables.

So everything works now?

It would be great if answer to this question would be yes. But unfortunately, there’s one small thing left that can not be fixed by us, simply because any Eclipse based user interface has this problem. Apparently the Eclipse complains that you need to install the legacy Java SE 6 run-time in order to start the program. Now you could chose to install legacy Java 6 (simply clicking on More Info) or follow instructions from these links in order to fix this issue:

Accept our apologies

Finally I would like to apologize to all the Mac users that all these fixes were not there earlier. As most of the inspectIT developers are using the Linux we never noticed how hard it is for you to use inspectIT.

Don’t forget to star us

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