30. March 2016
1 min

inspectIT and diagnoseIT feat. in SPEC RG Newsletter

The Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) is a non-profit corporation developing and maintaining benchmarks for evaluating the performance of computers. The SPEC Research Group is part of the corporation and serves as collaboration and interaction platform for academia and industry. In the latest issue of the SPEC RG Newsletter, we wrote articles about our inspectIT open source project and the diagnoseIT research project.

In our first article (Page 13), we presented inspectIT to the community. The idea behind inspectIT is to provide an open source Application Performance Management solution for academia and industry. We outlined how a standardized exchange format for monitored application traces can benefit researchers and the DevOps movement.

In our second article (Page 14), we outlined the goals and the approach of our research project diagnoseIT. While recurring tasks can be boring for developers, diagnoseIT‘s goal is to automate the task of diagnosing software performance problems.

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