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02. May 2014
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inspectIT version 1.5 is now available

Heureka, finally we managed to release the new version 1.5 of inspectIT.

This release was once again quite a big one. Actually we even intended to extend the size of the release but recognized that we should allow our users to use these new features and move the other features to a version 1.6.

There is really so much we improved and extended so I will focus on the (probably) most important new features. You might want to check the release notes for the whole new features.

Licensing be gone

inspectIT will be even easier to use for you as we drastically changed our licensing approach. With 1.4 you had to request a license and update this license at least every year. We heard your complaints and removed the need for renewing the license entirely.


inspectIT now ships with easy-to-use installers that you can use to install all three components of inspectIT. The installers can also be executed on a non-ui system. This is the new recommended way of installing inspectIT.

Storage optimizations

First and foremost we allow all storage operations to be accessible via the RESTful Storage Service. We already use this feature internally in our weekly loadtest of inspectIT – which ensure that inspectIT performs as desired. Before our tests we start a new storage, record the whole loadtest in the storage and at the end of the test close the storage.

Imagine your loadtest starts at 23:00, you do not want to be the one clicking on “start recording now” in inspectIT to gather data. But you also do not want to run your test without inspectIT data, because how would you diagnose an arising problem? With inspectIT 1.5 you will now be able to define a start time in the future so you can go have a drink, or just go to bed. Also, an often asked feature was to see the download speed of storage (when transfering the storage from the server to your local environment), so here you go, integrated as well. You want to download multiple storages at once, your wish is our bidding.

Monitoring web requests

We improved the monitoring of webrequests and allow inspectIT charts to display the response times (and call frequency) within one chart.

Business mapping

Lots of users want to map technical URI requests to actual business processes. With inspectIT 1.5 you can now define a business representation for URI requests by means of regular expressions. Please read the Http Sensor for information on how to correctly define these in the HTTP sensor definition.

Try it out

We hope that inspectIT 1.5 will help you in optimizing your application performance. Just give it a try and download it from the inspectIT homepage . If you have any questions or comments, we are always happy to help.

— Stefan

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