11. March 2015
1 min

"not found" errors when executing shell scripts on Dockers boot2docker

Docker is a great framework. Just this long and cryptic syntax is sometimes cumbersome. Thus you usually create scripts to run your containers. Did you ever notice, that you cannot execute these scripts on the “normal” boot2docker virtualbox image?
You will get errors like this:

So what does this strange message want to tell us? My first idea: The file is not there. I checked… its there. No windows/unix linebreak problem either. puh…. After quite some searching I found the – quite simple – result: The default boot2docker VM does not come with bash. But you can easily install bash on boot2docker:

boot2docker uses “Tiny Core Linux” as basis. You can use

Do a (S)earch and find bash. Navigate through the installation. And you are done.

Do you know of any other – easy to overcome, but timeconsuming – tipps and tricks?
— Stefan

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