18. November 2015
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testIT WebTester is OpenSource !

The WebTester Team is proud to annouce that WebTester is now OpenSource!


The WebTester Team is proud to annouce that WebTester is now OpenSource !

testIT WebTester is a web-application UI test automation framework based on Selenium (http://www.seleniumhq.org).

It is the product of years of consulting experience in various projects and aims at providing a very intuitive, declarative and extendable API for writing programmatic UI tests in Java.


  • Page Object Pattern as it’s main focus
  • Functional page elements instead of generic WebElement API
  • Script style testing support using Ad-Hoc element identification API
  • Event System for traceability and custom action
  • Option to highlight used elements as a visual debugging support
  • Support modules for the integration with frameworks like: assertj, hamcrest, junit, spring
  • If you must, Selenium is always just a method call away.

We decided to publish it under the flexible Apache Commons License 2.0 in order to make it easy to integrate it in your projects. We follow in this case the same strategy as the Selenium Webdriver project. More detailed information can be found at the documentation site of WebTester.

So feel free to check it at the GitHub project site. We would be happy if you help us make it better by contributing to its development or by giving us feedback about it.

Just write an issue there , make a pull request or write us an email.

Happy UI Testing 😉

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