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02. June 2020
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Turn away from dark side: The perfect flow and work-life balance exist!

Work-life balance does not mean working less, but rather working in a different way, more effectively and more profitably for the company. Work-life balance is very stimulating for the team as it offers added value for the people, their efforts and the work they do. Work-life balance means to work with one more gear, which empowers and rewards both the individual and the company, and takes into account that all of them have time to enjoy with their families.

In 2019, in Granada, we had the chance to set up a short interview, which has been published in collaboration with Smart City Cluster and another member of the cluster, to get to know the different perspectives about work-life balance in Spain.

Do you perceive that Novatec supports a healthy work-life balance?

Fabiola: Of course, I noticed it the moment I was hired while I was pregnant, and I started working when my daughter was only 3 months old. This is a commitment to stability and the family.

Miguel: Yes, it’s a core value. It directly affects my personal life since I am the father of two children, who require all my energy. Thanks to the flexible work schedule and the possibility of working from home, I can dedicate quality time to them and accompany them in their growth and education.

Jesus: Absolutely. In my case, I have small children and I have always been given complete flexibility to adapt to the needs that arise, without any impediment and always understanding the situation and facilitating family harmony.

Raquel: Novatec supports work-life balance 100% and I became aware of it even before I started working here. I was hired when I was pregnant and starting from my first contact with the company, I had the feeling that things were done in a different way. The ease of being able to adapt your schedule to medical appointments, to your children’s schedule, of being able to talk about things openly without problems, of understanding that things can always come up last minute – these are the key aspects to bear in mind when talking about work-life balance. Even if one day your children are sick and you need to be at home looking after them, you can work from home. Now I wake up in the morning in a different way, not having to run around and keep looking at the clock. I think it allows you to live more “relaxed” and enjoy the details that are in the little things of everyday life. Without debate, it is often impossible to enjoy little things in life because daily stress prevents it.

How has work-life balance improved your quality of life?

Victor: My lifestyle has improved a lot. I can work at home or from anywhere else – the company gives you the ability to choose where to work from. The flexible timetable also gives me the freedom to spend 5 more minutes in bed.

Nacho: The improvement was immediate. When you start Novatec with this previously mentioned freedom, it makes you work more calmly, peacefully and therefore you are more aware and focused. There is nothing of greater importance since you have the possibility of adapting and recovering a different schedule when it suits you the best. On the other hand, if for some reason you are not mentally as productive as you usually are, you can take a break, go out and clear your head, and come back when you are ready to perform at your best.

Isa: In my case, I went through family hospitalizations to pregnancy. Now with a new family member it’s much easier to get organized if I don’t have to be so dependent on my working schedules, avoiding the stress that this dependency brings.

David: If I have to lend a hand to my parents or to be at home to deal with any kind of incident, I can do so simply by asking my team. I don’t have to do calculations to see when I can be available. This allows me to do everything faster and more efficiently.

Alberto: For me the most important thing is not only to be aware of flexibility, but to have made a few changes in my working day. I have already been working remotely since my hometown is not in Granada (where the office is located). In addition, I am also adapting my timetable to my specific needs such as attending classes at the official language school.

Do you identify with the perfect flow of your company? Why?

Fabiola: Times change and you have to adapt to these. The perfect flow represents the perfect relationship between employees, the company and customers. We are all one.

Miguel: For me the perfect flow means my personal life can coexist with my professional career without destroying each other. Times change and it’s time to adapt in all areas of life.

Jesus: In my opinion, the perfect flow is the fusion of employees, processes and the company. Everything has to mesh together, so that everything flows in the right direction. I identify with that “perfect flow” because things are always changing to improve.

Raquel: Yes, because it is clear that everything can flow. As long as there is compromise, balance is possible. We live in a world that is constantly changing, new lifestyles are demanded and I believe that here we understand this positive change.

How does work-life balance affect your work?

Victor: It affects my work in a very positive way because when you give team members that freedom, you feel very committed, as this freedom gives you a sense of ownership over what you are working on.

Nacho: Apart from being more committed to the company, you are more productive and, as a consequence, your work is of a higher quality, since you can choose the ideal time slot for you (e.g., there are people who don’t like to get up early and are less productive in the early hours of the day).

Isa: Being able to take care of my baby and combine my personal family life with my work is fundamental. I have even brought my little one to the company events without any inconvenience! That’s fantastic! You can focus much more on your professional goals without leaving out your family.

David: It increases the commitment because you realize that you are not just a machine that has to keep working no matter what.

Alberto: It makes me more focused and more productive, because I don’t have to worry about specific inconveniences that may affect my daily work since I can always adapt to them.

What´s Novatec for you in one sentence?

Fabiola: Perfect flow.

Miguel: A responsible commitment on both sides.

Jesus: Reciprocity.

Raquel: It is possible to find balance in your life, as long as there is a commitment on both sides.

Victor: A symbiotic relationship based on the perfect flow.

Nacho: Commitment and well-being.

Isa: Mutual trust.

David: Commitment and well-being.

Alberto: Commitment, feeling of belonging and well-being.

With this article we invite other companies to turn away from the dark side and start to improve work-life balance and follow #theperfectflow!

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