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„Novatec is both modern and dynamic – ideal for starting your professional career as a trainee IT specialist. I particularly like the fact that in Technical Services, you're fully integrated into the team straight away, so you can make your own contribution to the perfect flow!“
Jannik Bubeck, Trainee, Novatec GmbH
„As student employee at Novatec, I'm given lots of responsible and varied tasks. As well as helping others, I'm able to press ahead with things on my own. The flexible working hours and home office opportunities mean that it's easy for me to combine study with work.“
Annika Fahrion, Werkstudentin
„If I had my choice over again, I'd still choose Novatec, because this company gives me exactly what I think is important in a job: Exciting challenges, the opportunity to use my own initiative, an open corporate culture, inspiring teamwork, and the flexibility to shape my own working day.“
Tim Gerversmann, Student employee in Consulting, Novatec GmbH
„Through changing between areas at Novatec, I've been able to tackle new topic areas, which has allowed me to broaden my horizons. I really like the fact that in my team, I have the opportunity to play a real part, and I enjoy the diverse tasks and the fact that there's always someone ready to listen.“
Nadja Hagen, Student employee in Consulting, Novatec GmbH
„Novatec offers a wide range of exciting projects and works with modern technologies. I've met lots of helpful colleagues here who have helped me to directly apply my newly acquired software development knowledge to my studies.“
Cassandra Schilling, Integrated degree program student, Novatec GmbH
„What I find really exciting about my job at Novatec is that the used tools, operating principles, and technologies are really modern, which is great preparation for when I've finished studying.“
Kai Widmaier, Student employee in Software Engineering, Novatec GmbH
„Our employees produce top performance on a daily basis. As a company, our goal must be to offer them an environment where they can grow and develop. In addition to opportunities for further learning through attending conferences, for example, we believe in upholding the freedoms of every single employee and allowing them to contribute to shaping the company. We want to ensure that the working atmosphere is one in which our employees feel comfortable so that they like working here.“
Domink Meyer, Managing Director, Novatec Consulting GmbH
„What I appreciate at Novatec? Everyone's opinion can be sure that it will be heard and appreciated. For me, independence is very important. At Novatec, I have the opportunity to work independently on his task and make decisions myself. That doesn't mean you're completely on your own. Whenever you ask for help, it is provided!“
Olena Drugalya, Junior Software Engineer, Novatec GmbH
„I'm not long in Novatec, but I already feel welcome and as a part of the team. I share with Novatec the love for diversity, I love that we are all different and coming from different backgrounds but we are all devoted to the same mission and we are loving and caring people. It is a nice mix of creative individuals. So far I learned a lot and gain valuable knowledge and I'm almost in a perfect flow.“
Jasmina Muharemovic, Trainee, Novatec GmbH
„At Novatec, you meet professional employees and a lot of humanity. I'm motivated by the approachability and freedom. If you know what you want and are committed, you can develop very well at Novatec. Shouldn't it be exactly like that?“
Norman Schmidt, Trainee, Novatec GmbH
„The central value of Novatec is "immediately thrilled", and I think anyone who meets me knows this is something which resonates with me! I love working for a company where I feel valued and my talents and abilities are recognised and nurtured. In a working sense, I also connect with the "goal oriented" nature of Novatec: it's not about ego, it's about getting good results while building good teams.“
Anna McDougall, Junior Software Engineer, Novatec GmbH
„I work at novatec with people who love and live their work.“
Benjamin Eckstein, Senior Software Engineer, Novatec GmbH
„My perfect flow at Novatec? As a developer I particularly appreciate our extremely capable and professional administrators, who seem to get to grips with any problem with ease. This is another reason why working with my colleagues is simply fun and I feel valued and accepted.“
Stefan Barthel, Senior Software Engineer, Novatec GmbH
„Why I'm at Novatec? That's easy to answer. I love numbers. Did you know that same numbers have names? I like to work with people and numbers, thats why I'm the team lead of the APM team at Novatec and our team cares about which is related to all applications numbers you can imagine in a true independent way, which I love most. One more thing why I'm loving numbers is, that I noticed directly that my son and his cousin were born exactly after 1 year, 1 month, 1 week, 1 day, 1 hour and 1 minute. You want to go with my journey? Come and meet me at the Berlin office space.“
Mario Mann, Senior Consultant, Novatec GmbH
„The perfect flow is a way to enjoy the journey within Novatec: the people-centered culture; the transparency and the collaboration of each person of the team; and the will to make the company a better place alongside the awareness that there is always room to grow here.“
Paola Cantaboni, People & Culture, Novatec GmbH
„For me the perfect flow is the perfect balance between work and personal life, transparency, respect and active listening as part of the DNA as well as treating each team member as a person. A unique value in the Spanish labor market that we must take care of and help to evolve.“
Victor Escobar Gonzalez, Senior Software Engineer, Novatec GmbH
„The perfect flow is to be in the right place at the right time, to be able to be part of the creation of something great, to see "first hand" the growth of the company; but above all, it is to do all this surrounded by the best people. Everything flows more easily if you are surrounded by awesome people.“
Alberto Rodriguez Castellar, Site Reliability Engineer, Novatec GmbH
„For me, flexible working times are part of the "perfect flow". Novatec also offers me, as a consultant, a regulated work/life balance by including me in the selection of projects and granting me the freedom to work from my home office when necessary.“
Katharina Hersztowski, Senior Consultant
„Women@Novatec gives me the chance to act as a role model for young women in the IT sector and to show them that you can really achieve something as a woman. That instead of being afraid of making mistakes, you should use them for your own further development.“
Zarin Kabir, Senior Consultant
„For me as a student, Women@Novatec is a great opportunity to talk to experienced colleagues and to grow and learn from them and their experiences.“
Celina Kröger, Student employee
„At present, there are still too few women active in the IT sector, and this is something that we can't accept for any longer. That's why I'm pleased that we've launched a powerful initiative in the form of Women@Novatec to not only reinforce the position of women at Novatec but also to reach beyond the company's borders to actively encourage talented young women to start a career in this area.“
Dominik Meyer , Managing Director
„Since the home PC revolution in the 1980s, the software engineering sector has increasingly developed as a domain for men. For me, Women@Novatec provides an opportunity for us to work with our colleagues to develop initiatives that help women to feel comfortable at Novatec and to move their careers forward.“
Christopher Weiß, Senior Software Engineer
„After many years of experience in the field of ISO 9001 certification, we were able to really up the ante in 2020. Our established information security management system was certified in accordance with the internationally recognized ISO/IEC 27001 standard.“
Markus Scheel, Information Security Officer, Novatec Consulting GmbH
„In a hybrid working world with home offices, shared desks, and distributed teams, flexible workstation equipment is also really important. Our new workspace takes a functional approach to this. For me, the small seating areas for two people along the large glass facade are the real highlight.“
Markus Scheel, New Workspace Project Lead, Novatec Consulting GmbH
„Our agile team is growing. And we've created the perfect conditions to ensure that everyone can enjoy the perfect flow at work. In our new workspaces, employees can choose the working environment that suits their needs. Whether they need to work in a team, have a traditional meeting, organize a think tank, or take part in pair programming, they'll find the perfect space! For me, the best thing is the large roof terrace, the perfect space to work outside, relax, and even enjoy a team BBQ.“
Michael Schuchart, Managing Director, Novatec Consulting GmbH
„Our work with Novatec was defined by a positive, friendly, open culture. As we looked for the perfect solution, the goal of filling everyone with enthusiasm was present at all times. This allowed us to create a workspace that promotes identity, motivation, and unity. The marketplace is what I like most about it. It's a place where I'd love to work, discuss topics with colleagues, or simply enjoy the views from the terrace.“
Tim Dersch, Workplace Consultant, RBS Group
„Novatec understands that satisfied employees are employees who have time for their families, too – especially in the case of single parents. Thanks to the opportunities provided by Novatec, I have time to look after my three kids alongside my project work for customers and my management tasks as Unit Lead.“
Marc Häbich, Principal Software Engineer
„Our employee events are great opportunities to experience something other than everyday working life together, get to know each other better and strengthen the bonds of the Novatec team. I particularly enjoy shaping these events in accordance with the "perfect flow" concept!“
Jasmin Thurner-Zinsstag, Marketing Manager
„I'm happy to be a training manager at Novatec, since I know exactly how important it is to build a knowledge basis with a broad spectrum and to gain practical experience to enable the perfect start to your career. My personal goal is to convey the idea that delivering high-quality software is not just work but can also be fun.“
Marcel Lengl, Software Engineer
„In my opinion, the perfect flow is the fusion of employees, processes and the company. Everything has to mesh together, so that everything flows in the right direction. I identify with that "perfect flow" because things are always changing to improve.“
Jesus Alberto Clivilles Ais, Software Engineer, Novatec GmbH
„Being able to take care of my baby and combine my personal family life with my work is fundamental. I have even brought my little one to the company events without any inconvenience! That’s fantastic!“
Isabel Vico Peinado, Senior Software Engineer, Novatec GmbH
„As a student employee at Novatec, your ideas and suggestions are welcomed, since everyone treats you as an equal. It's the same with my tasks – everyday life is never boring here!“
Jasmin Weggler, Student Employee
„This award attests to a workplace culture that's full of trust, pride, and team spirit. Attractive working conditions and a culture that encourages teamwork are key to economic success and to mastering the challenges of the future.“
Andreas Schubert, Managing Director, German Great Place to Work® Institute
„Our open corporate culture and approachable way of working form the basis for achieving the perfect flow. That's when time and emotion combine to create a successful whole. After all, only happy employees can shape lasting corporate success. We're really pleased about this award! We'll use the feedback to make Novatec an even better employer.“
Michael Schuchart, Managing Director, Novatec Consulting GmbH
„Novatec has been named one of the best employees in Germany.“
„Our Kununu score speaks for itself: As a top company, we are recommended by employees and have a policy of openness.“
„As a manager at Novatec, I've never seen any difference between how men are treated and how women are treated. "Equality" isn't just an empty word here – it's something that every single employee benefits from.“
Paoli Izquierdo, Principal Software Engineer
„Novatec creates the perfect balance between skills, performance, and work enjoyment. It offers training that provides the ideal breeding ground for my development as well as a working environment where flat hierarchies and the fun things in life like table soccer can be taken for granted.“
Paulo Ferreira Da Silva, Mixed Reality Consultant
„Novatec creates the perfect balance between skills, performance & work enjoyment. It offers training that provides the ideal breeding ground for my development as well as a working environment where flat hierarchies and the fun things in life like table soccer can be taken for granted.“
Paulo Ferreira da Silva, Mixed Reality Consultant
„I can put this into practice straight away! Keyword: AGILE.“
Christian Döll, Interhyp AG
„Really helpful. Practically all my questions were answered.“
Pablo Uria, Airbus
„Interesting training, performed well.“
Andreas Hibner, DB Rent GmbH
„I took excellent momentum and great ideas away with me.“
André Lichner, Prohyp GmbH
„A great overview of both tools. Good, open discussion, including discussion of tool limits.“
Sven Gäbler, Porsche AG
„The training was excellent. It exceeded my expectations and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.“
Andrew Kenworthy, Data Engineer, Balluff GmbH
„I'd recommend it!“
Oleg Ginovker, Helaba Invest Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH
„By mastering a complex task, Novatec really gave our project substance. I'm proud of the work we've achieved together and look forward to more joint projects in the future.“
Dr. Robert Siegenthaler, Project Manager, Bedag Informatik AG
„Novatec selected the right employees. A powerful team that really identified with the project was created from a range of experts.“
Rainer Kremser, Head of Municipal Products Division, DZBW
„Our really individual requirements have been implemented and our IT goals have even been exceeded in some cases.“
Michael Henkel, Technical Project Manager, Hamburg Süd
„I'm really impressed with how quickly and comprehensively Novatec acted.“
Philipp Schneider, Head of Application Enterprise, Creditplus
„The system is twice as fast as it was. Above all, this provides our customers with a better purchasing experience. And that's what it's all about.“
Marc Schöchlin, Principal Site Reliability Engineer, Breuninger

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