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There’s no need to keep reinventing the wheel! However, you really should learn how it works. And to do so, you need someone who already knows. That’s the case with agile transformation, too.

We’ve successfully made the change from a traditionally oriented consulting firm to an agile company. Naturally, not everything went smoothly. And that’s precisely why we’re the right partner for you. We know the typical pitfalls, and we can help you to get past them.

We’ve used our experiences to create a phased model. The phases contain steps such as setting the stage, getting the teams up to speed, switching from front to back row support, and focused support for ongoing operations. To put it simply, the model is a lightweight set of supportive steps to creating more agility within your company.

Difficult journeys are best traveled in company

Are you thinking about whether agile transformation might be a solution for you, too? Here’s a useful piece of advice: Don’t make the mistake that many companies make and fail because you haven’t considered and exploited central aspects of your current corporate culture. Instead, ask yourself the following questions right at the start: What added value do I want to obtain through an agile transformation? What am I prepared to give up in return? Because one thing’s for sure: When it comes to agile transformation, it’s not enough to simply adjust a few processes. The change needs to be much deeper. Ultimately, it’s about changing your mentality in everything you do and making this new mindset second nature. Naturally, the end goal is a working concept. However, sometimes a fresh, independent pair of eyes can help you to get there more effectively. That’s why we strongly recommend that you get external support.

We’ve been using agile working methods for many years. And one thing’s for sure: As well as increasing customer satisfaction, our agile transformation has made our company into a happier place to work and has significantly improved our business success over the course of the years. We’d be happy to share these positive experiences with you, along with the knowledge we’ve gained from a large number of customer projects. We’ll even tell you about our failed experiments, so you can be sure of achieving the change you require.

Case study with TeamViewer

Together with our agile coach Dominik Maximini, TeamViewer drove their agile transformation on to the next stage between May 2017 and December 2018. They started to define ambitious release objectives as part of an all-hands workshop.

In the case study, we take a look at empowerment by the management and the Scrum Master. Our most important finding was that simple solutions can be found for complex problems but that it’s sometimes difficult to bring them to fruition.

Read the TeamViewer case study

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