Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning – Added Value through Intelligent Systems

The possibilities for using artificial intelligence are decidedly wide-ranging and development of the corresponding technology is moving forward with breathtaking speed. We are up to date and have a good grasp of the technologies and possibilities. At the same time, we approach the methods of artificial intelligence and machine learning quite rationally – working with them to create added value for you as our customer.

The tools used are certainly becoming increasingly more powerful, but they are still just tools. Imagine a large toolbox from which we select the right instruments for your problem and design a suitable solution in close consultation with you.

Our Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Services

As the possibilities of artificial intelligence increase, so does our responsibility to you as customers and to society. We advocate for the responsible use of these tools and are always directing our efforts towards getting human and mechanical strengths to complement each other for optimal solutions.

The success of AI projects in particular depends on many different factors. Based on our experience and methodical approach, we ensure high quality for you and minimize your risk.

Would you like to receive basic information on the subject of artificial intelligence & machine learning? Learn how to use machine learning to analyze and structure large volumes of data faster on our Introduction Page on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. We’ll show you the functionality and technology behind artificial intelligence & machine learning!

The Advantages of Using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Benefit from our sound experience in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as our holistic expertise in IT. We’ll guide you through an agile development process, ensuring that the technologies used are integrated into your company with a value-creating business model.

The use of artificial intelligence already offers many advantages today:

  • New services
  • Automation or support of processes
  • Data-driven decisions
  • More individual customer communication
  • Data-supported predictions

This list has a high level of abstraction, and thus reflects the versatility of the technology.

Our Process Model for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

In the first meeting that will take place either as a kickoff or expanded somewhat as a workshop depending on the requirements, we will get an idea of your current situation. Here we will analyze both the technological conditions and the technical characteristics of the problem. Together we will define the objectives and develop possible solutions.

Our Approach for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.
Source: Novatec internal

In the choice of the technology, we look for the best technology stack for you – the tools from the toolbox – and demonstrate the applicability to your problem for you. The subsequent implementation is done agilely and each new product version brings you added value. Of course we document our work so that knowledge can be transferred easily. If you wish, we will happily show you additional possibilities and steps at the end of the process.

The Maturity Level of your Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Project

Whether you are right at the beginning, have already taken a few steps, or want to update your AI systems: We are the right partner for you! We will be with you from the initial considerations right up to the implementation in production. Or we will help you with individual questions concerning your AI project.

The maturity level of your Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning project.
Source: Novatec internal

Procedures from the field of AI and machine learning require a large volume of data in sufficiently good quality. We will look at your existing data and examine it for contexts using data science methods. We will go into the specifics and refine the results in close dialog with you. The findings acquired here can already produce added value for you.

At the same time, we will evaluate the quality of the data and will be able to provide tips on how your database can be improved even further.

If the requirements concerning the data have been satisfied, and if the benefits of an AI system are sufficiently evident for you, we will offer to conduct a feasibility study. In it we will demonstrate the technological and economic feasibility. We always take a holistic approach to the project and address challenges that arise internally from your business environment or externally.

At the end of the feasibility study there will be a prototype and a cost estimate based on which you can decide whether a productive implementation of the solution is an option for you.

Take advantage of the know-how of our experts in the implementation of individual AI solutions. Their experience and understanding of the latest trends enables them to select the technology stack best suited for you.

For example, depending on the project, with our help you can use AI to increase the level of automation, bolster your efficiency, or improve user experience. We pay attention to close cooperation with you in the development. We place special emphasis on the scalability and easy maintenance of the solution. The result is an individual AI system customized for you.

If you have developed a system with us, or if an AI solution already exists, we can help you integrate the system into your infrastructure and transfer it to production. We have access to 250 experts from all areas of software development.

We will develop a pipeline for maintenance of the AI system to help you maintain the system up to date, whether fully or partially automated. This includes the retraining of models based on the most current data and version management of the models with a fallback option.

Especially in the case of systems that make serious recommendations or decisions, it is important to show the corresponding factors and update them continuously to the latest technology standards. Perhaps you have an AI system in place and would like to improve it, make it more transparent, or simply evaluate it. Here as well we are the right partner for you and will analyze it with an open mind.

Based on our results, we will give you recommendations for action and show you possible limits for the technology used.

Our Understanding of Cooperation

  • We carry out our projects with dedication and very high quality standards.
  • We rely on close cooperation in an agile operation, openness, and honesty.
  • We choose the best path for you independently and pragmatically.
  • We walk this path together with purpose and confidence.
  • We seek to create value for you in every step along the way.
  • From kickoff to handover, we always approach your project methodically, regardless of the scope.

Give us a chance to impress you directly!

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