Interaction is key

Do you think it’s simply not possible to please all of the people all of the time? Too complex or complicated? It might seem that way at a glance. But appearances are deceptive. It’s true that making monitoring and performance management usable by all stakeholders and organizational units is a true art form. However, it’s an art form that we can help you to learn.

Together, we can find a solution to benefit all stakeholders – from developers to managers. When doing so, it’s important to see monitoring and performance management as a whole: From design and planning to the technical implementation details and the integration of monitoring products and processes.

We can help you right from the start to make the correct strategic decisions in the monitoring and performance areas. As full stack experts, we are also familiar with the underlying technologies and innovations. However, we also understand the needs of the various stakeholders. For this reason, we see ourselves as a builder of bridges, creating a shared foundation and a shared understanding. It’s a big task, but the huge potential of digital experience management motivates us to showcase these amazing opportunities.

We can support you in these areas:

  • Developing a clear monitoring vision and business strategy (TCO, ROI, value stories)
  • Setting up a unified monitoring architecture (development plan)
  • Checking your current monitoring process (assessments)
  • Selecting and integrating suitable monitoring solutions
  • Implementing structures and processes to establish your management concept
  • Improving, scaling, and standardizing your services (service catalog)
  • Training and developing the skills of your employees
  • Setting up a central center of excellence (area of competence)

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Thorsten Jakoby

Director Technology Expertise
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