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Hand on heart: Do you know whether your customers are happy with your digital services? With the average wait for a response to an inquiry, for example? Here’s a fact: Each second that a customer’s kept waiting and each hurdle they have to jump is one too many. Luckily, these waits and hurdles can be prevented. That’s as long as you’re familiar with the digital experience of your customers and the pressure points where things can come unstuck. Digital experience monitoring allows you to identify these.

For cloud, mobile, network, real user, active, infrastructure, and log monitoring. Together, we’ll select the right approach. In this way, you’ll receive fact-based information about the experiences that users have with your digital services. You’ll quickly identify the causes of errors and be able to eradicate their source before the customer turns elsewhere. By using your resources efficiently.

Success Story

Hamburg Süd

To meet the prerequisites for further growth, we were asked to make the global IT platform and application landscape of Hamburg Süd faster, more efficient, and more powerful. To do this, we carried out various load tests and solved the most serious performance problems purposefully and fast. The introduction of an iterative performance optimization process will put things on the right track towards top performance in the future, too.

If traditional performance analyses don’t bring you success, new methods are needed.

Success Story Hamburg Süd

“Our really individual requirements have been implemented and our IT goals have even been exceeded in some cases. Thanks to structured procedures and extensive know-how, Novatec has shown that our trust in its expertise was justified. This has significantly contributed to increasing system performance.”

Michael Henkel, Technical Project Manager, Hamburg Süd

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