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Should your applications run in the cloud? Or do you want to renovate your existing application landscape step by step? Our architecture review will provide well-needed clarity. Together, we’ll check the fitness of your architecture for its purpose on the basis of your architectural goals and scenario-based quality criteria. We define the length of the review. It might be one day or several weeks depending on needs.

Five steps to the perfect architecture

So, you want to put your architecture to the test, you know your architectural objective, and you’re looking for a suitable test method. Then walk through these five steps with us by your side.

Step 1 – definition of goal

In an initial step, we work with you to define your goal and framework. Using your architectural objectives and quality scenarios outlined together, we work with you to formulate the pertinent issues.

Step 2 – agreement of process

In the second step, we make sure we have an overview: Which sources are available? Which documents, Wiki content, code bases, infrastructure descriptions, stakeholders, and/or architecture contact persons can be utilized? We then work with you to formulate a rough road map. Depending on the issues at hand, we can involve further Novatec experts at any time, perhaps if a certain architectural style is required (event-driven architecture, microservices, or cloud computing) or in order to clarify specific aspects such as performance optimization, test automation, or the introduction of agile methods.

Step 3 – realization

In the next step, we compile centralized architecture results on the basis of an adapted arc42 architecture template. To do this, we examine the provided materials, carry out interviews, and call upon further experts as required. As a rule, the result is a high-level architecture description, a components diagram containing the main architecture components, and a description of the infrastructure. And now for the exciting question: To what extent is your architecture still suited to its job? We answer this question by comparing the architecture with current best practices and architectural styles on the basis of your requirements.

Step 4 – review of the software development process including code (optional)

If you wish, we can also examine the extent to which your architectural goals and specifications are taken into account in your software development and as part of the software development process. We can also assess code quality and the software development process itself. For this comparison, we use common practices such as agile and test-driven development as well as continuous delivery and continuous deployment.

Step 5 – presentation of results/next steps

In a final step, we compile the review results, present them to you, and plan the next steps.

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