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We help companies and teams to work together through the provision of appropriate software tools. For a good while already, Atlassian tools have not been used just in IT and agile product/software development.

Increasingly, our customers from small and medium-sized enterprises as well as major companies are placing their trust in the established products from Atlassian for the digitalization of their business processes, the provision of services, and central knowledge management. In particular, the Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and Confluence tools are widespread.

We’re happy to advise you on the selection, implementation, concept, and further development of the various Atlassian tools in order to enable the bundling of your knowledge and to make collaboration in your company more efficient!

Using Atlassian tools intelligently

Our daily bread: We offer consulting services in agile collaboration tooling and optimize the daily work of teams with the help of suitable software tools.

Atlassian tools such as Jira and Confluence help you to digitalize your business processes, secure your know-how for the long term, and create transparency at your company.

  • With Jira, your teams can use a Kanban board to glean an overview of pending, future, and past tasks.
  • Using Confluence prevents the loss of expertise in specialist departments and provides employees with access to the information they require.

All of this facilitates distributed teamwork, which encourages productivity in your teams and across departments. Above all, this approach is characterized by a fast launch and high user acceptance due to flexible, intuitive control concepts. But what can the tools do in detail? Which tools will really help you? And how quickly can the tools be introduced? Here, we’ll provide support through our know-how:

  • We’ll help you to license and extend licenses for Atlassian products.
  • Thanks to our custom workshops about tool selection and requirements management, no question is left unanswered.
  • We’ll provide you with top advice for the optimization and digitalization of IT and business processes and will work with you to develop the best possible solution.
  • If you want to use an intranet, enterprise Wiki, or enterprise social network, that’s no problem at all. We’ll help you to launch it and train the users.
  • We can configure and adjust the Atlassian applications in line with your requirements.
  • We provide support and advice about Atlassian apps from the Atlassian marketplace (for example, for resource, project portfolio, multi-project, and test management).
  • We have standard and custom training courses for users and administrators.
  • Do you need help with your ISO27001 certification? No problem: The Atlassian tools offer you the best possible basis for defined and documented processes here.

The Atlassian products

With the various Atlassian tools, you’ll find it really easy to structure the digital workplace at your company. Your teams will work more efficiently, particularly in an agile environment.

We’ll give you a brief overview of which tool offers which strengths and how you can best use them.

Structuring tasks with Trello

Trello allows you to display tasks in a structured fashion on a board and work through these tasks in a team. The tool does not require complex installation and configuration work and is ready for use immediately. The functions of Trello can be enhanced using power-ups.

Trello provides top support, whether it’s for the planning and realization of a marketing campaign or the organization of an upcoming wedding celebration together with the witnesses!

Digitalizing processes with Jira Software

Digitalization, optimization, and automation of business and IT processes: Jira Software – with the product backlog, sprint/Kanban board, and reports designed specially for agile teams – has, in particular, established itself in agile product and software development. Not only distributed teams can benefit from this, since thanks to the clear depiction of activities, Jira provides transparency and traceability in all teams and beyond team borders.

For non-IT teams, too, such as Human Resources and marketing teams, Jira can digitalize business processes thanks to its freely definable fields and workflows. Pending tasks are completed in a structured manner, nothing gets left undone, and subsequent reports are no problem, either.

Self-service portal: Jira Service Management

The Jira Service Management is the single point of service for enterprise service management (ESM). It also covers the requirements of traditional IT service management (ITSM), e.g. as per ITIL.

You may be asking yourself what this actually means. The Jira Service Management can be used to provide digital services via a central self-service portal. Processes ranging from applications for childcare allowance or for a public transport allowance to the ordering of new workplace equipment can be implemented in Jira Service Management. This also applies to processes that are handled across different departments such as the complete onboarding of new employees. The digital depiction of the services in Jira Service Management reduces the flood of mails, provides added clarity and traceability for service requests, and offers process automation possibilities.

Sharing knowledge in Confluence

Confluence is a central platform for all kinds of knowledge at your company. For example, Confluence provides your company with space for project documentation, product manuals, process documentation, and meeting notes. Our customers frequently use Confluence as an intranet, enterprise Wiki, or enterprise social network.

In addition to enabling the easy storage of knowledge and information, Confluence allows this information to be found quickly when it is required. Functions such as concurrent editing mean that several people can work on a single page at the same time so that they can work together to write up meeting notes, for example, or write down their thoughts as part of a brainstorming session for a new product innovation. Naturally, Confluence also includes the automatic versioning of changes and comments as well as the familiar “Like” button from social media!

Direct notifications via OpsGenie

OpsGenie makes filtering the relevant information out of a flood of system messages and, in the worst case scenario, notifying the relevant contact partner as easy as one, two, three!

Thanks to intelligent incident management on the basis of OpsGenie, you are able to keep an eye on the operability of your systems at all times. OpsGenie can be flexibly adjusted in line with your incident management workflow, bundling together the entire information flow to offer an overview of all of your systems. This means that availability schedules can be depicted in a way that best suits the underlying team structure, and each system notification automatically reaches the right contact partner.

You can round off your OpsGenie-based incident management with integration in a selection of more than 200 of the best tools for monitoring, ITSM, ChatOps, and collaboration.

An agile path to your goal

Through our various projects, we have collected lots of experience that we can use to develop a fast software solution for added agility in your company. Whether it’s Trello, Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence, or another piece of Atlassian software, we’re sure of one thing: You just need to know what your company requires – and we’ll find the right applications.

That’s because we know what’s what when it comes to Atlassian, and we’ll help you to use the Atlassian tools in the best possible way!

We're an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner

  • We have many years of practical experience with the Atlassian tools.
  • Most of our consultants have been certified multiple times by Atlassian as experts.
  • We have a direct line to Atlassian and Atlassian Support.
  • With us, you can procure your licenses on a German account.

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