Cloud 9 instead of storm clouds

Do you know all about the advantages of a cloud but haven’t yet quite dared to take that decisive step? It’s usually easier if you make first baby steps with someone else. Because there are always a few stumbling blocks in your way. The first is the choice of the right cloud computing provider. As well as helping you to choose the right service provider for you, our consultants can provide advice about cloud strategies, cloud architecture, and implementation issues.

But perhaps you’re already in the cloud and feel that you could get more out of it? Great! Your instinct wasn’t wrong. Our experts can show you how to optimize the cloud architecture and fully exploit your cloud services – without compromising on security or exceeding your budget.

"Without a little PaaSion, life is nothing!"

"Bring your own code" or "Bring your own container"? We're happy to advise you.
Matthias Häussler, Cloud Foundry Ambassador

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Cloud computing experts

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Developing cloud strategies and actively supporting customers during implementation and migration – this is the passion of Matthias Haeussler, who also teaches Cloud Native Development.

Matthias Haeussler, Principal Advocate

Thorsten Jakoby is not only a Certified Cloud Security Professional, but also helps you with all questions concerning security in the cloud!

Thorsten Jakoby, Managing Consultant for IT/Cloud-Architecture and Cloud Migration

Cloud Computing Know-How

Cloud computing with cloud-native Java? Our experts can take you from “zero to hero” on the topics of application architecture and application development.

JAVA Aktuell special edition – download here

Do you need help to navigate the jungle of cloud computing services and cloud service providers? We’re happy to explain the differences and clarify selection criteria and distinguishing features. Among other things, we can advise you on AWS, MS Azure, IBM, Google Cloud, CloudFoundry, and Kubernetes.

Think the cloud's only for startups?

"We work with an elastic infrastructure, mainly using Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and we use the practical DevOps concept. Previously, we had to deal with staging over various levels, which often took several days with lots of manual tests. We're now able to create productive deployments within minutes."

Source: Interview with Andreas Nolte, CIO of Allianz Deutschland - Computerwoche, 01/25/2018

Discover completely new perspectives.

With cloud computing, you’re betting on the right horse. And here’s what’s on the cards for you: Totally manageable expenses. You can migrate your applications to the cloud without any significant changes (lift & shift) and take advantage of the architectural benefits of a highly flexible, hyper-scalable infrastructure that’s available at the push of a button.

However, to make the most of the full potential of today’s cloud technologies and platforms, you should adjust your application architecture. We’ll be happy to help you to do so. Our architects, cloud computing strategists, and development teams have been using the services of leading providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Bluemix as well as leading PaaS solutions such as Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes for years as the basis for:

  • Cloud-native application development
  • The migration of existing applications
  • Proof-of-concept (PoC) implementations
  • The design of tailored cloud computing solutions for your specific situation

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Matthias Häussler

Managing Consultant
Matthias Häussler Managing Consultant