Working efficiently from home

By eliminating travel time to work and the possibility of spreading family and private errands over the day, home office employees can make their day more flexible and therefore more efficient. This independent and autonomous structuring of work has proven to increase motivation and productivity.

In order for the company culture and cooperation to continue to be successful through this form of work, suitable collaboration tools are required. We can advise and support you here from the selection through to the introduction of the tools!

How we can help your digital collaboration

Benefit from our experience in the field of Collaboration Tooling. For many years we have been advising and supporting companies in the selection, implementation and individual adaptation of suitable tools for digital collaboration.

Our projects are carried out based on interactive process models. These allow us each time to find an efficient solution for each set of requirements. Our main areas of consulting are:

  • Digitalization and optimization of your business processes
  • Design, implementation and configuration of collaboration applications
  • Implementation of workshops and training of users and administrators (remote & on-site)
  • Analysis of your IT infrastructure and connection to existing systems (Cloud, CRM, DMS, etc.)
  • Optimization of existing applications for collaboration

Use the technical possibilities already available today and benefit from the advantages that Collaboration Tooling offers you:

  • Optimization of workflows
  • Increase in productivity
  • Working from the home office

These advantages alone do not convince you? We will show you the concrete application possibilities offered by Atlassian-Tools.

Agile task- and project management

Where can you find an overview of the tasks that need to be completed during the week? What topics are the team colleagues working on? What is the status of individual tasks and where is support needed?

Much of this information serves as a basis for planning one’s own activities in everyday work. From the home office it is simply not possible to coordinate from across the desk or during the coffee break. A company-wide established software is often the solution for this kind of communication. An established solution for agile project management is Jira from the software producer Atlassian.

In Jira, tasks can be planned, processed and documented. Tasks are handled in a structured way according to previously defined processes. Different processes can be configured for different types of tasks. For example, you can define a workflow for incoming customer inquiries, or digitally map the process for the human resources department. The individual tasks in Jira are always assigned to one person and has one state in process flow at the time. This makes it clear at all times who is working on which tasks and what the status of the individual tasks are. A comment function can be used to record interim results for the individual tasks.

A look at Trello is recommended for smaller teams with less complex requirements regarding processes, evaluations and permissions.

Enterprise social Wiki

Where is the current version of the project documentation? In which mail is the meeting note from the last week? Where is a description of how travel expenses must be recorded?

From the local file storage on the desktop, to the storage of documents on the network drive Z, through to a sophisticated folder structure in Outlook – “archiving” knowledge is not the problem. The challenge is rather finding relevant information again at a later date. While the ease with which individuals manage personal organization of knowledge differs from person to person, the storage, provision and use of knowledge becomes increasingly difficult with increasing team and company size.

A central knowledge management based on Atlassian Confluence within the company bundles all important information from project documentation to process manuals and meeting notes on one central platform. Every employee has access to this digital platform and can not only share his knowledge, but also access or add new information to the existing content. The question of choosing the “right” storage location is eliminated, as is the question: “Where do I find which information?”

Some of the application scenarios of an Enterprise Social Wiki include:

  • Intranet for employees
  • Requirements management
  • Project documentation
  • Process Manuals
  • Architecture Descriptions
  • Meeting notes

Permissions can be used to restrict access and processing of sensitive information.

Instant messaging and online meetings

How can project teams and departments exchange information quickly and easily in order to work together efficiently? How can you work together on graphics, concepts or use a whiteboard for brainstorming from home?

Emails are not the right tool for direct and fast exchange within a team or in a project context. The increasingly crowded inbox is too cumbersome, confusing and difficult to understand.

Collaboration tools for instant messaging and for online meetings promise a remedy, enabling direct messages to individual colleagues or group chats, for instance, for project teams or departments. Collaboration tools for online meetings allow to conduct meetings successfully, even with all the participants working from home. In contrast to classic telephone conferences, online meetings not only allow you to conduct conversations, but also to hold video conferences, webinars and presentations, share your own screen and work together on a digital whiteboard.

Established solutions for instant messaging include Slack and Mattermost. While Slack is a cloud-based solution, Mattermost can be run on your own system. Both tools offer integration possibilities with wide range of other applications such as Atlassian Jira and Confluence, Zoom, Docker, GitHub, GitLab and Jenkins.

For successful online meetings, solutions such as Zoom, Cisco WebEx or GoToMeeting have proved to be suitable. You can conduct video conferences, webinars or online trainings. In addition, online meetings and webinars can be recorded directly to make them available to colleagues who are unable to attend. Even more, while working with these tools you are likely to discover other use cases, profiting your company and your partners.

Support employees with collaboration tools

No matter which solution you decide on: With the use of the right collaboration tools, your remote working day will become easier and the home office for your employees will become more efficient and structured.

Rely on established tools for digital collaboration in your company – we are ready to advise and support you from selection through to implementation!

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