Using data effectively

Do you know what your customers really think about you? Or what your sales performance is right now? You no longer need to rely on instinct to answer these questions: Data analytics provides fact-based information for important decisions.

Use machine learning to identify new upselling potential, simplify your sales strategy and customer requirements process using descriptive analytics, and avoid unplanned equipment downtimes with predictive analytics.

Whatever you want to do with your data: We’ll help you to reach your goal quickly and reliably. Our consulting services range from data analytics and big data to data quality, scalability, and availability, technology selection, and ensuring company-wide data governance.

We awake your data from a deep sleep

You can be sure of one thing. In the depths of all automated production and service processes, a whole host of data can be found napping. This goes for your company, too. And the problem increases by the day. This data can be invaluable – if you know how to use it.

But which data can be used to create corporate value, and how do you go about it? Or, in other words: Which data allows you to define your position on the market? And which data helps you to make important decisions and steer your company onwards?

With our data analytics methods, we have a tool for leveraging your hidden data potential. Consequently, your data becomes a compass pointing you in the right direction. In addition to answering operational and strategic questions, it provides important information about your customers. We use appropriate analysis types depending on the questions that need answering.

Descriptive Analytics

Most current corporate analyses are based on data collected with this method. Here’s an example from production: A machine displays data structured by temperature, vibration, or temperature over time. Another example is Google Analytics. This service is ideal if you want information about how many users have visited your Website and what they did there. Among other things, you can find out whether campaigns were successful, how much user figures are rising, and how users generally behave.

But you can do far more, too: You can use descriptive analyses to learn from past behavior and understand how you can influence future results.

Predictive Analytics

With this method, the statements made by the data is extrapolated for the future. The great advantage here: The field of application is practically endless and is suitable for all sectors: From predicting purchasing trends and customer behavior to providing stock forecasts. One popular application area is predictive maintenance. This involves the evaluation of data from machines and components in order to schedule maintenance appointments and tasks. For example, you can predict when a certain component is going to fail and replace the part beforehand before the machine comes to a standstill. This keeps the risk of production downtime to a minimum.

Prescriptive Analytics

Whereas predictive analytics helps you to predict future events, prescriptive analytics shows you how various measures affect the business result. Logistics companies use prescriptive analytics to optimize delivery routes. Airlines use prescriptive analytics to improve their airfare pricing systems, taking complex combinations of travel factors, demand levels, and purchasing times into account. You’ll soon see: Prescriptive analytics allows you to identify future trends and recognize how future decisions will affect hard cash.

We’ll advise you in advance

Have you identified the potential for using analytics in your company? Make the most of our experience and consulting skills. You choose the scope of services. We’ll provide you with help that’s as individual as your needs. Our services cover the topics of data analysis, big data, data quality, scalability, reliability, availability, technology selection, and data governance.

We provide implementation support

Do you already know which analyses you require? If so, we’re waiting to help you with our know-how at the ready – perfectly tailored to your needs and special circumstances. The implementation of your requirements might take the form of an independent data application or, depending on the context, might be based on a technology you already use. If necessary, we can enhance this with further products. The implementation remains the same whether the software is open source or commercial.

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