Quality despite quantity

The mountain of data grows ever larger… This goes for your company, too. But this is actually good news. Ultimately, data is an important key to business success. But there are two prerequisites: Availability and quality.

This is where the challenge lies: Big data can’t be easily lumped together. Mass data comes from diverse channels with different structures. This is where data engineering comes into play. It creates the basis for using heterogeneous information for analyses or deep learning.

We help you to find the required data, clean it up, transform it, structure it, and stage it – regardless of whether the information ends up in a data application or needs to be used as self-service in a data lake. You can also depend on us to help you to choose a suitable technology stack for your data engineering.

We help your data to shine.

Data can only bring about gains if it has a sufficiently high quality. It’s the task of data engineering to ensure this quality. It’s absolutely vital. This is because it’s not just the data itself that’s heterogeneous – the data sources are diverse, too. Data sources might include physical sensors in production (Industry 4.0) or in domestic appliances (IoT) as well as software applications and business processes. Data can also come from datasets in databases or take the form of the digital user experience data of end-users.

Data engineering comes into play here. Data engineers collect the data, stage it, and make it available for analyses. This usually happens in a data lake. Employees and partners can use the data stored here for their analyses. Targeted feature engineering can optionally be used to generate higher quality data from this.

The right technology that allows scaling for the number of data sources and intensity of the data volume is vital for effective data engineering. The availability of the technology itself is also a factor. Any downtime is critical. It means that important data is not available for analysis. A reliable data flow forms the basis for being able to use the data at all.

We’ll be right by your side with help and assistance

We’ll help you to find the required data, clean it up, transform it, structure it, and stage it. You can also make the most of our experience when it comes to the choice of the right technology and design of the required architecture.

But perhaps you already know what you need and simply want an implementation partner! We can help you with prototyping and with the final data product.

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