Injecting more drive into your processes

If you never step out of the box, you’re going to end up losing out. This is particularly true in software development. After all, innovative applications don’t just need to be ready in record time, but also made available promptly and error-free.

In our experience, this works best if software developers (development) and system administrators (operations) work hand in hand – with the constant objective of continuous integration & continuous delivery (CI/CD). This is because as well as cutting costs, automation speeds up process and sustainably increases the quality of your software product. This makes it easier to break down dependencies to surrounding systems and sort out problems that arise as quickly as possible.

To anchor the basic principle of DevOps into your corporate culture, it’s not just a new mindset that’s required. You also need to rearrange existing processes and procedures. We can help you to take automation and communication between developers and IT to a new level. We’re happy to advise you on the choice of tools. Our promise: We’ll help you to find the best custom solution for the integration of your development pipeline into your existing application lifecycle management.

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Axel Schüssler

Managing Consultant
Axel Schüssler Managing Consultant