A workshop for digital thinkers

Innovation requires inspiration. To achieve it, you need to leave familiar structures behind and tread new ground. You need to create places where creative types can let off steam: Innovation labs and incubators. But how do you actually build such forges of innovation? How do you proceed?

That’s our job! You choose the content and we ensure the perfect framework. We’ll create a team consisting of our specialists and yours, and we’ll create an atmosphere where creativity can thrive. This will form the breeding ground for new business ideas – largely free from rigid hierarchies and tedious reporting.

If necessary, 200 more experts are waiting to help you, depending on the specific idea, task, proof of concept, or prototype. Are you ready to try something new? Ultimately, you’ll only benefit from it.

Your direct contact

Carsten Humm

Head of Strategic Innovation
Carsten Humm Head of Strategic Innovation carsten.humm@novatec-gmbh.de +49 71122040-7682
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