The Internet of Things (IoT) – the basis of your digital strategy

We offer different services to support you in creating a digital strategy. To do this, we optimize your operational procedures through the use of IoT technology and enhance your software portfolio through the addition of IoT applications. Our experts and software engineers support you right from the initial vision through the realization of your project, helping you to avoid typical errors at every stage of the process.

Our services for IoT

With our combination of sound experience, all-round IT expertise, and a growing IoT partner network, we provide the perfect foundation for your custom IoT project.

We’re by your side every step of the way: When selecting industrial sensors, connection technologies, data capture and analysis tools, and security options, and for the on-boarding of IoT devices – we know our trade well. Each IoT project requires a comprehensive approach. We offer a combination of our experience and expertise along with opinions from our growing IoT partner network.

Get an overview of our offering and find out about example application scenarios. Even better: Contact us directly. Either way, we’re looking forward to getting to know you and finding out about the challenges you face.

Taking a look at some example applications will also help you to get a better idea of our consulting services. Try projecting these onto your own company, and think about what you’d be able to achieve yourself in the project and where professional support might be the best option. We’ve described some application scenarios in detail for you – read and reap the benefits!

Looking for basic information about the IoT? Go to our IoT introductory page to find out about the differences between IoT, IIoT, and Industry 4.0 and to benefit from the different perspectives that we can offer as an IoT service provider!

In a digital company, lots of technological layers comprising IoT devices, sensors, actuators, gateways, and even cloud-based IoT platforms are intertwined. On the page about IoT technologies, you’ll get a solid overview of the most important technologies, the opportunities they offer, and aspects that need to be taken into account.

The benefits of using the IoT

A combination of sensor technology, connectivity, and advanced analyses helps companies to make better decisions more quickly. For this reason, the IoT can be a source of numerous promising business opportunities such as increases in efficiency, improved quality processes, and economic benefits. In addition, the IoT moves the focus from products to services, enabling new business models and innovative business ideas.

IoT sensors collect and transmit data with the basic aim of immediately enabling access to relevant information and thus the development of intelligent applications and services as well as smart products. However, certain critical questions must be asked before starting an IoT project: How can this generated data be processed efficiently and transformed into intelligent decisions? How do you select the most secure, fastest, and most cost-effective communication solution? Which communication solution or IoT platform should your company choose in order to maximize the IoT potential with regard to the infrastructure and technology landscape?

Our experts are ready to provide you with the answers to all of these questions and to solve the problems that you might encounter on your journey towards digitalization.

Our procedure model for your IoT project

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a powerful tool that’s driving the digital transformation forwards. However, many companies come across challenges when getting started with the IoT. Insufficient internal expertise, unknown security risks, and large investments are the main stumbling blocks for many companies. We combine our knowledge about new technologies, process optimization, and digital transformation strategies with our practical experience in IoT implementations. In this way, we can successfully overcome these problems and help you to tap into the benefits of the IoT.

Our approach model for your IoT-project.
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The first step is a kick-off workshop where we find out which IoT-capable services you could offer your customers and what possible effects this might have. This workshop also helps us to correctly asses the technological and domain-related circumstances within your organization. At the end of this workshop, we work with you to define goals that achieve the desired result, regardless of whether these involve an IoT solution, the implementation of an IoT platform, or the step-by-step digital transformation of your company.

Once a road map has been developed, it’s important to choose the right technology for your product or project. When it comes to technology-related decisions in the field of the IoT, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. This is why we offer our methodical approach to the selection of a suitable, cost-effective technology stack, supporting you in the validation of the solution’s effectiveness through the implementation of a proof of concept (PoC). This allows you to test the solution before introducing it throughout your company.

During the implementation phase, we work with agile methods. By integrating regular customer feedback and increasing transparency, we build up confidence. At the same time, each completed work step, based on an iterative strategy, provides you with added value. In accordance with each phase in the IoT implementation, our experts stand ready to transfer the knowledge the project requires or to inject missing expertise.

Once the project is finalized, you’ll receive clear, comprehensive documentation and detailed proposals regarding the IoT strategy, including steps to successively improve the architecture or integrate new application scenarios.

The degree of digitalization of your company

The IoT is one of the key technologies in the digital transformation. As part of a large ecosystem, it encompasses lots of different aspects. However, even in today’s digital era, many companies lack a solid basis here or the right digital infrastructure. Before even starting a project, it’s really important to understand how the IoT fits in with the concept of digital transformation and the various related digital transformation technologies. We therefore recommend that you first assess the degree of digitalization at your company and analyze your usage of information and communication technology.

Degree of digitalization of your company.
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The assessment of the software and hardware infrastructure at a company demonstrates the current position, the company’s strengths, and points that need improving in order to reach the next level. This information can also be used to define a vision and develop new business models.

The degree of maturity of your IoT project

Do you understand the value of the IoT but don’t really know where to get started? Have you already started your IoT journey but want to glean even more benefits from it? The maturity model that’s used as your road map helps to answer all of these questions. It reveals different aspects of the maturity of a company’s IoT approaches and illustrates the state of the company’s IT infrastructure in relation to different levels of maturity.

Consulting and development based on the maturity level of your IoT solution.
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Aligning a road map of this kind with your objectives enables the development of an individual and sustainable IoT strategy for your company. We will advise you on the step-by-step improvement of the maturity of your IoT undertaking while always keeping a close eye on your digitalization goal. And to accelerate the benefits of your IoT project, we’ll be happy to help you to develop it.

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