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Management 3.0 can achieve much more than you might initially think. Agile management is the ideal solution if you want more flexibility and efficiency. It’s the key to making your employees more motivated, your teams better, and your processes simpler.

But there’s a catch: The concept requires a change in mindset. Here’s the good news: You can acquire this mindset fast – and in a fun way that unites theory and practice in a unique manner. We’ve tried it out. And it works. Since then, we’ve been firm advocates of agile methods, agile work, and agile leadership.

We’re happy to pass on our knowledge and experience of M3.0 to you. You’ll be amazed: Much of it will already be known to you. The secret lies in the combination of principles to create a harmonious overall composition. Put it to the test. You’ll see your own role as a manager in a completely new light.

Management 3.0 – a real win

For those of you who aren’t yet familiar with the term: Management 3.0 (M3.0) describes a set of agile leadership practices based on an agile mindset and agile principles. A large global movement has now developed. Here’s what’s special about M3.0: You can immediately implement the practices it contains for leadership in your everyday working life, and you don’t need major change projects to do so. With small, targeted experiments, you can already make a significant step towards agile leadership. But what does Management 3.0 mean in a stricter sense? At its heart, it’s about six topic areas in addition to management, leadership, and the integration of complexity theory:

  • Energize People – motivation of employees
  • Empower Teams – delegating authority
  • Align Constraints – values and corporate culture
  • Develop Competence – learning and skills
  • Grow Structure – scaling of enterprise structures
  • Improve everything – continuous improvement

We’ve been using Management 3.0 for years, and can now hardly imagine our everyday working lives without these cherished principles and practices. We’re so impressed by M3.0 that we’ve decided to become a co-owner and invest in this new idea. We’re also a little bit proud that the integration process was so successful. However, the main thing is this: It pays off in hard cash. And we’d be happy to show you, how you too, can profit from Management 3.0.

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