The world is not enough

What would it be like if you could easily project everything that you want to see and know into your field of vision? Can you imagine it? Then you’ve arrived in the world of mixed reality (MR) and augmented reality (AR) – a world where reality meets digitalization.

AR involves the digital augmentation of our real environment with visual information or labels. If, on the other hand, the physical world is merged with the digital world so that interactive objects are integrated into the real environment of the user, it represents the next level of interaction between people, computers, and the environment. In other words: MR.

Applications of MR and AR have hitherto unimagined potential. For companies, too. We can show you how you can make the most of these opportunities with the help of MR glasses such as Microsoft HoloLens or mobile end devices.

This doesn’t just mean that you get to tap into new processes. In addition, traditional business processes can be improved by superimposing digital information onto our real and natural environment. This is a really easy way to create the basis for new and exciting business models in lots of business areas.

Prepare to be enthralled! We’ll be at your side: From the very first idea to the design and development of business models and even programming – until MR & AR are a firm part of your company.

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