Well prepared for getting started

Perhaps you’ve already experienced it. A new release is pending and your pulse is starting to race. And it’s not rare for other functions to go wrong under the weight of the users. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

To ensure that it doesn’t all go wrong, we’ll prepare you for possible eventualities early on, and we’ll identify and remove any weaknesses. Together, we’ll test all non-functional requirements with realistic user behavior, and we’ll do so continuously and in typical conditions. We’ll also consider high user intensities and take these into account when modeling the environment.

However, some problems only show up during ongoing operations, such as issues caused by the integration of a third-party provider or due to the complex infrastructure. In such cases, our experts are on hand and react quick as a flash. After all, the digital experience of the customer needs to be exemplary.

Don't risk your good reputation

Imagine the following situation: A customer wants to purchase a product from you online. Instead of the desired product, however, he or she sees an error message in their browser. The customer is initially unsure as how to proceed, then frustrated, and then the doubts set in… Is this really a company I want to buy from? If the application doesn’t work, then maybe the products aren’t any better. It’s this easy for the good reputation and financial success of your company to be put at risk. No company wants to find itself in this situation. But unfortunately, situations like this are more common than you think – especially when the number of users is high.

It’s therefore vital for you to have a skilled team of consultants at your side. Through the early and continuous testing of your critical business applications, we can help you to systematically determine weaknesses. Once they’re found, you need to act fast. There’s simply not much time in the modern world of continuous delivery with multiple planned deployments each day. Like in car production, the last thing you want is the assembly line slowing down or even stopping altogether.

But no company’s immune to errors. Fatally, some problems only come to light during ongoing operations, when users change their behavior abruptly, a third-party provider is integrated into the system, or if the infrastructure is concerned. However, in situations like this, you can depend on our experts. After all, the digital experience of your customers needs to be exemplary.

Success story

Creditplus Bank

An online installment loan in just 15 minutes? Loan payout as early as the next working day? Can that work? It can if the performance of the support system is as great as it is at Creditplus Bank AG. Within a week, we analyzed the application and provided specific action recommendations. The implementation of our recommendations resulted in a reduction in waiting times for customers, a more user-friendly interface, and fewer terminations due to timeouts.

bildhübsche fotografie | Andreas Körner | www.a-koerner.de | info@a-koerner.de | +49 711 22 11 20

Building trust through stable systems

Success Story Creditplus Bank

“I’m really impressed with how quickly and comprehensively Novatec acted. Within a week, we were given a deep analysis along with specific action recommendations. We were able to implement these measures immediately.”

Philipp Schneider, Head of Application Enterprise, Creditplus

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