Knowledge moves mountains

Is lifelong learning on your agenda? Good. So it should be. Along with time and cost pressures, growing knowledge gaps are one of the greatest challenges in the development environment.

Today, developers have to continuously grapple with new requirements, structures, and methods: On the one hand, software needs to be developed iteratively in small deltas, but on the other hand, it has to remain maintainable and expandable, even in the long term. We can help you to manage this balancing act. For example, in our projects and training courses, we rely on the following tried-and-tested practices of Extreme Programming (XP) and agile development:

  • Test-driven development (TDD)
  • Refactoring: The practice of code hygiene; the responsibility of the development team
  • Code Review: Two pairs of eyes see more than one
  • Pair Programming: Two brains think better than one
  • Mob Programming: Solving complex problems in a team and distributing the required knowledge
  • Continuous Integration: We’re ready to deliver at any time – and on time.
  • Clean Code: Whether it’s Java, SQL, Jenkins, or Ansible, code is read more frequently than it’s written, and it needs to be self-explanatory.

This means the following for your development teams: You benefit from the latest methods and technologies along with new perspectives. And with agile development, you’re all set to meet the challenges of the digital world in the future, too.

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Axel Schüssler Managing Consultant