Working together online

As a leader today, you are most likely concerned with the questions: How can members of dispersed teams work better together with each other? How can we overcome the many new challenges that remote working brings with it?

In a rapidly developing, digital environment agile methods and approaches will help. Let us support you in your remote digital work environment! Whether be it organizing online video coaching events through to making the right decisions on remote digital tooling.

Online Coaching

  • As Company Executive, Head of Department, Team Leader, Product Owner or Scrum Master how are you progressing now that your teams need to work entirely remotely?
  • Have you quickly adapted to new working structures and processes?
  • Do you have to adapt your iterations to create shorter feedback cycles?
  • How can new challenges still be rapidly addressed and solutions implemented?

We can support you with Online Coaching so that you are also productive in a home office environment and help you to find a new approach and structure to enable effective and efficient interactions! With our support you will be able to successfully integrate remote working into your everyday work.


Preparing and holding remote events and meetings require a new way of thinking from all participants. Meetings or workshops often lack focus, as teams lose themselves in details, unintentionally interrupt and talk across each other or the technical connection simply fails once again. You know these situations all too well, however, you are unsure on how to overcome this, correct?

Find a new way to structure your remote sessions with us – we can accompany you as a Facilitation partner and help to organize your online interactions, in order to generate the best possible result.

Collaboration Tooling

Working together smoothly from home: With the right tools, no problem at all. However, most companies are far from ready to deal with this situation. How about you?

We can help you to choose the right collaboration tools considering different needs, as well as support you in the introduction of established tools such as Atlassian Jira, Confluence or Trello. With the right tools, you can make your everyday remote working easier and ensure an efficient collaboration while in home office.

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