Scrum Masters on call

Your agile teams are on the starting blocks and there’s no Scrum Master at hand. What’s to be done? It’s not a problem: Our experienced agile coaches are happy to step in as interim Scrum Masters. Naturally, it’s just a stop-gap solution. In the long run, the self-organization of your teams should work well without external help.

To ensure this, we’ll make sure that your own employees will be able to take on the role of Scrum Master in the future themselves. Our experts will draw back from active project work step by step while remaining on hand to act as agile coaches for your teams. You’ll soon see: At the end of this process, your agile projects will continue to run successfully without us.

At the end of the process, you'll be a Scrum Master yourself!

Those first baby steps are always uncertain. But that’s why you have us. We’ll work together so that you are eventually able to press on with your agile transformation without us. For this very reason, our experienced Scrum Masters and agile coaches will provide you with more intensive support during the initial phase. This allows you to get to a point where you feel safe as a Scrum Master and able to grab hold of the reins yourself after a certain amount of time.

As we said, at the start, our agile coaches will provide a higher level of support. This includes the training of the Scrum team and the coaching and mentoring of the product owner, managers, and development team. Once we’ve done our work, you’ll be able to:

  • Apply Scrum correctly
  • Epitomize the Scrum values, rules, and principles
  • Effectively use and implement the Product Backlog and other Scrum artifacts
  • Deal with impediments and reliably reach your goals
  • Understand and implement agility in all of its facets
  • Spread Scrum and agility throughout your organization – if this is required for multiple Scrum teams to work well together

Naturally, we know that you can’t become an expert in the blink of an eye. We’ll do it step by step. As your team progresses, we can move from the role of interim Scrum Master to agile coach.

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Lutz Malburg

Agile Organization Expert
Lutz Malburg Agile Organization Expert