Sensors and actuators in the Internet of Things

Do you want to connect sensors and actuators with top-level business logic? Without a compass or navigation aid, this can be a hard undertaking. It’s not impossible, but the results would be unstructured and uncertain. Networking and the associated possibilities for retaining a clear overview and concentrating on what’s important are increasingly important here. This is because the complexity and the volatility of our environment are increasing – both for industrial facilities and in the public arena.

We’d like to give you a tip: Use our expertise at the different levels of the stack. Don’t waste any time! And you’ll also benefit from our many years of experience in adjacent areas such as agile software development, the self-organization of teams, and business process management, for example.

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Benefit from "intelligent" products

The world around us is changing rapidly. The possibilities for measurement, communication, and process intervention are enormous. In particular, the bridge between the digital world and the physical world is increasingly easy to cross. At the same time, the demands of our customers are increasing, since they know how easy it is to provide good service today:

  • Would you like to have a printer that orders paper and ink all on its own?
  • Why is the garbage can emptied even if it’s only 30% full?
  • Can’t a machine “realize” in advance that it’s about to suffer a breakdown? Even I noticed that it’s been sounding a bit odd lately…

We think you’ll agree with us that these days technical feasibility is often not the issue. So why delay? In the past, the cost of many “convenience” services was simply too high. But things have changed somewhat over the last few years. In many cases, the issues of data security and data protection were previously insufficiently handled. But a convergence has been seen here recently.

Now, it’s a case of developing ideas, promoting ideas, and sorting ideas. How can your customers benefit from “intelligent” products. Design thinking is a method that we love to use in order to channel creativity. Come to us and prepare to be inspired.

Sometimes, our thoughts are restricted by our knowledge, and it’s difficult to fight against this or even notice it. So let us take a look at some available sensors. Perhaps you’ll come across features that you didn’t even think were possible:

Source: © Plattform Industrie 4.0, Sensor principles for Industry 4.0

In addition to features such as accuracy, precision, resolution, power consumption, installation size, durability, measurement time, sampling rates, and more, price usually plays a major role. To take a look at the customer’s perspective again: Why do we not use sensors on mass, everywhere? Let’s make a distinction here:

  • IoT scenarios benefit almost without exception from new developments in the sensor field. This is because IoT sensors are produced in quantities that makes them very cost-effective. This enables use cases that seemed impossible in the past.
  • Frequently, Industry 4.0 scenarios are still not profitable due to high costs resulting from more stringent requirements and lower piece numbers.

It's all about the connection

Image: © Novatec

Sensors and actuators – the fact that these can now be remotely controlled and can make their measurements available to other equipment is an accomplishment of new technologies. The diverse connection possibilities have already been discussed on our page on data transport. It remains to be said that sensors and actuators usually communicate via a gateway: This is a device that establishes a connection to the next highest level (for example, the cloud) and that “understands” the sensor or actuator.

The bottom line

For us as an independent service provider, one thing is particularly important: Creating optimum value for your customers. Because this is the best way for us to support you, too. We’re glad to provide you with advice on everything you need for your Internet of Things project. Industry 4.0 projects require special knowledge that we can inject together with you. There’s nothing more unbeatable than the combination of IT knowledge and specialist know-how!

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