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Agile or waterfall? We’ve made our decision. And it’s because we simply don’t think long product cycles and errors during the test phase are cool. You probably don’t think so either. This is why we place our trust in innovative software engineering, seeing this as a holistic discipline. What does this mean for you?

It’s simple. We will engineer your solution in short, iterative cycles right up to production. This ensures maximum transparency while minimizing risks. We can always implement your change requests without delay, since our experts think and act with agility. After all, it’s a requirement for any true developer.

We can prove our claim with facts:

percentage of agile projects
8 m
biggest number of end-users to date
team size in largest project

A glance at the developers' workshop

We have a few guiding principles when it comes to developing software. One of these is: The full and consistent automation of all processes to the greatest extent possible. This principle is reflected in our actions.

Continuous integration and test automation

And this is how it works in practice. Several times a day, developers send their commits to a central repository. With each check-in, thousands of regression tests take place automatically. This has two effects: First, this is how we distribute the current code base to the entire development team in short cycles. Second, it protects existing functionality and KPIs.

Continuous Delivery

Automated tests are one vital piece of the puzzle. Another is the fully automated build pipeline. It enables the delivery of a delta at the push of a button. This means that we’re always in a position to deliver software suitable for productive use, based on the current code base, really quickly.

Continuous Deployment

Our friend Josh Long likes to say: “My favorite place on earth is production”. And he’s right. Thanks to continuous deployment, your software isn’t simply delivered; it’s directly transferred to the production environment. This completes the deployment pipeline – from testing to production. In optimum conditions, this means that we can move your requirements from the idea phase to production within minutes. Customers can therefore enjoy new features really quickly.

Pairing and feedback-based development

Our developers are highly specialized software engineers who are constantly striving to find the best possible solution. Working in pairs and the use of feedback-based development ensure the highest possible amount of creativity. In addition, as well as distributing code ownership to the team, working in this way ensures high code quality.

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