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Does the complexity of enterprise architect management (EAM) sometimes blur your view of what’s really important? Facilitating orientation and increasing clarity has to be the primary aim. Here, training courses are useful, as are the correct EAM tools – but the most useful thing of all is talking to other experts. That’s why we founded our EAM Think Tank in June 2007. It is now a valued institution for company representatives from various sectors who use it to exchange their experiences in the field of EAM and related disciplines.

The specific advantages of the EAM Think Tank:

  • You get to meet EAM actors and experts with whom you can discuss benefits, experience, best practices, and lessons learned in the field of enterprise architecture management.
  • You can build your personal network – across companies and even industries.
  • You will keep up-to-date with know-how and find out about current studies from the business and scientific communities.
  • You’ll find out how to mix theory and practice and how shared instruments for the management of an enterprise architecture can be developed (e.g. business case, role descriptions, tasks and processes, EAM key figure system, and so on).

When this opportunity is ideal for you:

If you’re the representative of a medium-sized to large, internationally active company and already have an architecture management system or are in the process of implementing one. You’ll be in good company, since the participants come from diverse business and IT fields, including:

  • Directors, divisional directors, heads of strategic business units
  • Managers from the strategic business planning, business process management, and organizational management areas
  • Quality managers, product portfolio managers, and similar roles
  • CIOs, heads of IT
  • IT strategists, (enterprise) architects, and people in similar roles

Join our group! It’s really worth the effort, since with each new participant, our wealth of experience increases – and this is what you benefit from above all. We hope you’ll join us!

Next meeting

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The 21st EAM Think Tank took place on October 12 2018 in Frankfurt am Main / Airport and focused on the following:

EAM and key figures

  • “The decision process using key figures at FI-TS”
  • “KPIs for EAM at L-Bank”

EAM and shadow IT (IIP/IDP)

  • “The use of PC applications (IDP software) in the business processes of dwpbank” – Petra Kapsch

Naturally, the ongoing Open Group topic was also on the agenda. Our colleague Rolf Knoll presented the topic News from the Open Group.

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Our EAM Think Tank meetings in 2019:

  • May 24 2019
  • October 18 2019

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"Enterprise Architecture Management in Corporate Practice"

As part of the EAM Think Tank initiative, we’re collaborating with Syracom to prepare a study on the report “Enterprise Architecture Management in Corporate Practice”.

Goals of the study:

  • To identify and describe best practices for the introduction and long-term management of an enterprise architecture
  • To identify benefits, success factors, stumbling blocks, and lessons learned
  • To highlight the progress of companies in the field of architecture management over the past few years
  • To examine the experience of companies in the field of enterprise architecture management
  • To encourage the exchange of experience between companies in order to promote EAM development

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