We team up with our colleagues of Novatec Consulting GmbH in Germany, to collaborate with our customers to produce the best possible software solutions for them. No matter whether it is the modernization of a legacy application by migrating it to a micro-service based cloud architecture, or the green-field development of a visionary software product – DevOps, Pairing, Continuous Deployment and Working in Sprints with Agile Teams are not buzzwords to us, but an essential part of our DNA.

This being said, we understand that modern technology and processes are only part of the solution, and people are always at the core of the business. We value any individual contribution to the company’s success. Personal freedom and being a part of the decision-making process is what really matters to us.

Novatec Granada

We listen to each other and are honest in our communications, and this allows us to create pragmatic and reliable solutions together. We tackle things face on – openly, directly, and with a plan. We’re really enthusiastic about our work, and we affect everyone else with this enthusiasm, too!

Together we create the perfect flow: The moment when time and emotion combine to create a successful whole. This perfect flow can mean full focus on programming “in the tunnel”, great chemistry within the teams, or celebrating the results of a project that was running just perfectly with our customers.

Novatec Granada
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As a member of the Software Engineering team in one of our customer projects, you will take ownership of the back-end development. You and your team discuss the customer’s requirements and implement them sprint-based. In a you-build-it-you-run-it mindset, you take care of your microservices' deployments and operations including the production environment.

Regular Employment
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As a member of our dedicated Site Reliability Engineering team, you operate and maintain enterprise applications of our customer’s development teams. You will take over ownership of applications that are approaching feature completeness. You will improve their reliability, resilience, and deployment mechanics. To ensure availability, you monitor the applications, set up appropriate alerts, and respond to incidents.

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Flexible Time

We have a flexible schedule so you can modify it according to your personal and team needs.

Home Office

You can work from home whenever you wish.


Do you need a break? You are a lucky person, we have a wonderful dartboard, free your mind while enjoying a game.

Educational Budget

Do you want to attend a conference? Do you want to know about new technologies? You have a dedicated budget for that.

Private Health Insurance

Novatec offers private health insurance. Forget about spending a lot of time waiting for your turn!

English Classes

To better prepare yourself for the international environment, upgrade your skills, we offer private English classes during working time.


We have parking spaces for each employee driving to the office.

SMILE project

Do you have any interesting idea to improve your daily work? Raise your hand and the SMILE team will take care of it.

Fresh Fruit

Would you like to have a little snack during the day? In our office every week we receive seasonal fruit. Go healthy!

Fun budget

In summer, we have the freezer full of ice creams. And a special budget to have fun together.

Friday Breakfast

On fridays we have breakfast all together at the office. Usually the typical Spanish breakfast.

Free Coffee & Tea

Recharge yourself with a cup of coffee or tea.

Corporate Discounts

Have access to a wide-range of corporative discounts.

Hotel and Hospitality Discount

Special Discounts on hotel and services.

Health and Fitness special agreements

Get fit, reduce stress and live a healthier life!

Join a great team

Novatec Granada
Novatec Granada

Enjoy all these benefits, the personal freedom of making your own decisions and a vibrant company culture here at Novatec. If you are enthusiastic about agile software solutions, you are a great fit with our growing team in Granada. Together with you, we create the perfect flow.

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