Hola from Granada

Novatec Software Engineering España, the Granada branch of Novatec Consulting GmbH is located in the historic city center of Granada (Spain). Our office is on the 3rd floor of the “Gran Vía 16” building. Thanks to good public transport connections, it takes less than 30 minutes to reach our location from the F. Garcia-Lorca Airport of Granada-Jaen, Renfe train station, or the main bus station.

Directions and parking

The entrance is on the left side of the main entrance of the building “Gran Vía 16” and is signposted.

If you travel by bus, take bus line 33 from “Juan Pablo II – Estación Autobuses” and stop at “Gran Vía 7 – Catedral”.

Arriving by train, please take the bus line 4 from “Avda. Constitución 27 – Estación Ferrocarril” and stop at “Gran Vía 7 – Catedral”.

If you arrive by plane, we recommend you to take a taxi from the airport (20-25 minute ride), or the dedicated shuttle bus “ALSA-Aeropuerto Granada-Jaen – Granada” and stop at “Gran Vía de Colon-Catedral”.

Driving by car, you can park in the San Agustin Public Parking or HH Maristas Public Parking, it’s a short walk (around 5-10 minutes) from the branch office.

Novatec Software Engineering España

Calle Gran Vía de Colón 16
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About us

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Our history

We team up with our colleagues of Novatec Consulting GmbH in Germany to collaborate with our customers and produce the best possible software solutions. Whether it is the modernization of a legacy application by migrating it to a microservice-based cloud architecture, or the green-field development of a visionary software product – DevOps, Pairing, Continuous Deployment and Working in Sprints with Agile Teams are not buzzwords to us, but an essential part of our DNA.

Novatec Granada

That being said, we understand that modern technology and processes are only part of the solution, and people are always at the core of the business. We value any individual contribution to the company’s success. Personal freedom and being part of the decision-making process is what really matters to us.

We listen to each other and are honest in our communications, and this allows us to create pragmatic and reliable solutions together. We tackle things head on – openly, directly, and with a plan. We’re really enthusiastic about our work, and we infect everyone else with this enthusiasm too!

Together, we create the perfect flow: the moment when time and emotion combine to create a successful whole. This perfect flow can mean fully focusing on programming “in the zone”, great chemistry within the teams, or celebrating the results of a project that was running just perfectly with our customers.

How we get into the perfect flow in Granada?

Have a look at our perfect flow moments in Granada:

  • In-company knowlegde sharing
  • Special Friday breakfasts
  • Team events
  • Dartboard and chess

Does this sound good to you? Would you like to experience the perfect flow with us? Join our team!

„The perfect flow is to be in the right place at the right time, to be able to be part of the creation of something great, to see "first hand" the growth of the company; but above all, it is to do all this surrounded by the best people. Everything flows more easily if you are surrounded by awesome people.“
Alberto Rodriguez Castellar, Site Reliability Engineer, Novatec GmbH
„For me the perfect flow is the perfect balance between work and personal life, transparency, respect and active listening as part of the DNA as well as treating each team member as a person. A unique value in the Spanish labor market that we must take care of and help to evolve.“
Victor Escobar Gonzalez, Senior Software Engineer, Novatec GmbH
„The perfect flow is a way to enjoy the journey within Novatec: the people-centered culture; the transparency and the collaboration of each person of the team; and the will to make the company a better place alongside the awareness that there is always room to grow here.“
Paola Cantaboni, People & Culture, Novatec GmbH
Jesus AlbertoClivillesAis
„In my opinion, the perfect flow is the fusion of employees, processes and the company. Everything has to mesh together, so that everything flows in the right direction. I identify with that "perfect flow" because things are always changing to improve.“
Jesus Alberto Clivilles Ais, Software Engineer, Novatec GmbH
Isabel Vico Peinado
„Being able to take care of my baby and combine my personal family life with my work is fundamental. I have even brought my little one to the company events without any inconvenience! That’s fantastic!“
Isabel Vico Peinado, Senior Software Engineer, Novatec GmbH

Benefits@Novatec Granada


Our ideas management system: You put your ideas forward, our employees vote for them, and then we get going! It could be anything: Ultra-wide monitors, a BBQ for the staff, or a suggestion for the best available coffee!

We make you feel good

We know that satisfied employees ensure our success. That's why you'll feel supported by representatives and "feel-good management" in everything that's important to you.

All the way up

Our career paths shed light in the dark: You'll always know which professional and personal skills you need for your next step up the ladder.

Smells like team spirit

There are lots of reasons to celebrate, and we shouldn't let them slip by! We also have lots of joint activities to take part in: Soccer, table soccer, climbing, and skiing. Going to join us?

Flexible Time

We have a flexible schedule so you can modify it according to your personal and team needs.
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Home Office

You can work from home whenever you wish.


Do you need a break? You are a lucky person, we have a wonderful dartboard, free your mind while enjoying a game.

Educational Budget

Do you want to attend a conference? Do you want to know about new technologies? You have a dedicated budget for that.

Private Health Insurance

Novatec offers private health insurance. Forget about spending a lot of time waiting for your turn!

English Classes

To better prepare yourself for the international environment, upgrade your skills, we offer private English classes during working time.


We have parking spaces for each employee driving to the office.

Fresh Fruit

Would you like to have a little snack during the day? In our office every week we receive seasonal fruit. Go healthy!

Fun budget

In summer, we have the freezer full of ice creams. And a special budget to have fun together.

Friday Breakfast

On fridays we have breakfast all together at the office. Usually the typical Spanish breakfast.

Free Coffee & Tea

Recharge yourself with a cup of coffee or tea.

Corporate Discounts

Have access to a wide-range of corporative discounts.

Hotel and Hospitality Discount

Special Discounts on hotel and services.

Health and Fitness special agreements

Get fit, reduce stress and live a healthier life!

Choose your device

MacBook or Lenovo, Android or iPhone: The choice is yours.

Bring a talent

Cash bonuses to reward the referral of known talent.

More years more vacation days

24 vacation days as default plus 1 day every 2 years with #theperfectflow


Irene García – Software Development Student

This internship has far exceeded all my expectations and I feel very lucky to be able to do it in a great company and to be surrounded by such empathetic people. The aspect that I have liked the most about my internship is the knowledge shared from minute 1, as there is always something new to learn, and not only in the field of computer science. I find perfect flow a fascinating way of working where everyone in the company learns from each other and helps each other. In short, it is working as a big family.

Jose Antonio Rodríguez (Josito) – Software Development Student

The great team spirit here in the company is something to admire as well as the way of working. Nowadays, it is very difficult to see that a company that puts so much effort into ensuring that its people have access to the best conditions. The amount of things I have learned in this internship is something I would have never imagined, it is like having a second family where the work becomes something very pleasant. The companionship and good attitude is something to admire and, in part, the very good reputation of this company is due to this.

Carlos Álvarez – Marketing Student

Being my first internship in a company and my first contact with the business world, I really appreciate the flexibility and ease to carry out any task, the closeness they have had with me from the first day and the trust placed in me to perform some tasks. The perfect flow breaks with everything we were used to, it breaks with the typical topics of the bossy boss putting on pressure, with the typical office work from 8 to 14. The perfect flow is to feel valued in your job and that positively affects the results obtained by the company.

Follow the perfect flow!

To strengthen our teams, we are continuously looking for fresh talents and experts with professional experience – especially in the areas of consulting and software development.

Join our team!

Our rooms

Novatec Software Engineering España, the Granada branch of Novatec Consulting GmbH, is located in the historic city center of Granada (Spain). Our office is on the 3rd floor of the “Gran Vía 16” building.

The office is divided into three main areas: a 300-square-meter open space where teams work; two meeting rooms; and a dining area. The open space includes the main working area, where teams are organized in groups of five desks, regular or height-adjustable, usually orientated in order to allow an optimal level of natural light to reach everyone.

Our meeting rooms are named after a famous TV series we used to watch during the lunch break in the old building:

  • Black Mirror: with a capacity of four people, and with two windows overlooking Gran Via de Colon and the cathedral.
  • White Mirror: with a capacity of 12 people, equipped with a TV, video-conference system and acoustic absorbent curtains.

Our Dining Area includes a fully equipped kitchen with four supersonic microwaves and a pizza oven, two fridges, a dishwasher, a filtered-water fountain, and a semi-automatic coffee machine.

Your direct contact

Marcus Brackelmanns

Managing Director/Legal & Finance

Miguel Ruiz Santaella

Managing Director/Operations & Strategy