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Software solutions for your requirements

Proven NovaTec services are supplemented with efficient and innovative software products in the fields of performance and license management, as well as automation of IT-services, broadening the spectrum of NovaTec offerings.

Unleash your IT potential!

What can be automated should be automated. This is the key to providing fast IT services at a constantly high level of quality. This provisioning tool lets you create, configure, modify and remove IT services at the push of a button. With automaIT you free your IT from unnecessary manual processes. »» More

Management and usage analysis of software licenses

Expenses for software licenses can add up quickly. inCharge® is the software solution with which you monitor, manage, analyze and optimize your license assets from one central location while ensuring compliance with your license agreements. As a result you lower your acquisition and maintenance costs and avoid license bottlenecks. »» More

Open-Source APM Solution

The performance of an application is often what determines its success or failure. To ensure your success, the free inspectIT software offers you everything you need to diagnose your performance and monitor your Java applications. »» More

Open-Source testing tool

testIT LivingDoc is a platform with which you can enumerate and automate your acceptance tests in natural language in Atlassian Confluence. And exactly at this point, where your technical specification is. »» More

Open-Source testing tool

testIT Webtester is a UI test automation framework based on Selenium and a very intuitive, explanatory and extensible API for writing programmatic UI tests in Java. »» More