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Atlassion Solutions - We are your Atlassian Solution Partner in software solution.

We are your Atlassian gold solution partner!

The full range of Atlassian is designed to optimize the work of project teams, to make cooperation effective and targeted, and to keep the project-based exchange of knowledge and information flow. NovaTec is Atlassian gold solution partner in software solutions for the optimization of communication and collaboration in enterprises.

Our offerings are:

We are Altassian gold solution partner!

•  Product Advice
•  Creation of license offers
•  Assistance with the installation and configuration
•  Courses and individual training
•  Help with Customizing (JIRA workflow, JIRA Agile boards, Confluence spaces,...)
•  Development of customized plugins

NovaTec offers the following
Atlassian solutions:

Take advantage of Confluence, the leading Enterprise Wiki, to foster the flow of communications and the sharing of knowledge both inside and outside your company. You can create, manage and edit all your documents on a central platform, and thereby enhance transparency in your teams and projects.

JIRA lets you save your ideas and requirements in a central ticketing system. As a result, the members in your teams will be able to work on their tasks collectively. You can structure your organization based on projects, access rights and role authorizations. An integrated workflow management system lets you tailor JIRA to your processes.



With JIRA Agile you can incorporate agile working methods in JIRA, and use Scrum and Kanban boards to visualize your work progress. You can also estimate your expenditures in agile mode using story points, and analyze your progress using reports.

JIRA Service Desk provides you with an intuitive customer portal system to facilitate interaction between your IT support and your customers, allowing them to submit questions and report problems. Prioritized queues let your teams respond to the questions in line with SLA objectives.



Manage your users and groups in one single tool and get the benefit of Single-Sign-On function for all linked Atlassian tools. You can use Crowd even if you already have an Active Directory like LDAP in your company. If an user want to reset his password one click in Crowd is enough and the synchronization to all linked Atlassian systems will be started.

Bitbucket is a source code management tool for Git that you can use inside your firewall. It lets you create and manage your Git repositories in a central location, and control the visibility via access rights. Use functions such as pull requests and branching for editing and managing your code statuses.



Use FishEye as a repository browser for your Subversion, Perforce, CVS, Git, and Mercurial repositories to always stay on top of all changes. You can search for and manage commits as well as your teams’ latest version statuses.

Improve your code quality with periodic code reviews. The customizable review workflow feature lets you determine when to conduct the reviews. Avoid unnecessary context jumps by executing code reviews directly from the command line.

Bamboo lets you define a fully automated release chain and execute continuous builds complete with integrated tests using the continuous integration tool. Add your repositories and integrate your tickets and code reviews with JIRA and Crucible.

Use HipChat as central communication platform for group and private chats. With HipChat you are able to share files with others. An integration with your existing Atlassian tools allows you to push build information from Bamboo into group chat to get all developers informed.

SourceTree is a free graphical desktop client for your Git and Mercurial repositories. In combination with Bitbucket you can check out your source code from Bitbucket directly into SourceTree.

Your Contact

Dirk Maucher

Your contact for Atlassian gold solution partner

Dirk Maucher

Managing Consultant

Phone: +49 (0)711 220 40-700

If you have any questions or suggestions concerning our services or products just send us an email. I can also call you back, just leave your telephone number in the subject box.



Here you can find our brochures and Success Stories from different customers for download. You are highly welcome to request a printed version of any brochure. We kindly ask for your understanding, but we do not have an English translation for all of our Success Stories.