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IT Architecture

What do we mean by architecture?

There are many definitions for the term architecture in IT and software development. However, we can’t seem to find one that is broad enough. That is why we say that architecture includes everything that helps us make complexity manageable and create structures that allow implementing the (especially also the non-functional) requirements to the IT systems.

Decisions regarding the architecture have far-reaching consequences for many areas of the software development process. That is why we discuss architecture with a wide range of specialists of NovaTec, who have knowledge in such fields as performance optimization, test automation and even in the introduction of agile methods in order to understand interdependencies and arrive at comprehensive solutions for our customers.

When is an architecture the “right” architecture?

Quite simply: when it serves its purpose. After all, architecture is not an end in itself and equally not a science in an ivory tower and that is how we too see architecture. Regardless at what flight level we are working on an architecture, whether we are planning the development of an application landscape together with our customer, designing the structure of a (distributed) application in our own data center or whether said application is supposed to run in the cloud: It is always about requirements that necessitate selecting the suitable architectural styles. To this end, our experts regularly (and at times passionately) discuss different architectural styles such as service oriented architectures and microservices. In this process, they evaluate the multitude of trends and hypes and develop feasible solutions for our customers.

How do I ensure that architecture is filled with life?

Architecture must above all also be communicated, filled with life and tested. After all, what good is the best architecture if it doesn’t make it to the team and thus not to the software? We support our customers in this regard as well, e.g. with methods and tools for architecture documentation and for automatic architecture analysis and control.

And what do I do with existing applications?

These days, many projects don’t start as greenfield projects. Lots of time and money went into systems that need to be advanced and expanded with new features for new requirements. Often this involves large monolithic systems, which support business-critical processes and functions and therefore cannot - and (often) needs not to - be replaced overnight! Even these types of systems allow evolutionary advancement, be it using gradual modularization or internal step-by-step refactoring. Our experts help you to find ways for gradual modernization while respecting what already exists and the work and effort that went into it.

Extract of our customer list
  • Commerzbank AG
  • GEHE Pharma Handel GmbH


Lars Dülfer

Your contact for IT Architecture

Lars Dülfer

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