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We can help you with topics ranging from individual requirements analysis and IT consulting to the choice of software applications and development of high-quality software systems.

We use agile methods to ensure a needs-based, efficient solution.

Our work is based on a deep understanding of your business processes. We understand the needs of both consultants and managers, and talk to IT departments and specialist areas during our daily work.

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„By mastering a complex task, Novatec really gave our project substance. I'm proud of the work we've achieved together and look forward to more joint projects in the future.“
Dr. Robert Siegenthaler, Project Manager, Bedag Informatik AG
„Novatec selected the right employees. A powerful team that really identified with the project was created from a range of experts.“
Rainer Kremser, Head of Municipal Products Division, DZBW
„Our really individual requirements have been implemented and our IT goals have even been exceeded in some cases.“
Michael Henkel, Technical Project Manager, Hamburg Süd
„I'm really impressed with how quickly and comprehensively Novatec acted.“
Philipp Schneider, Head of Application Enterprise, Creditplus
„The system is twice as fast as it was. Above all, this provides our customers with a better purchasing experience. And that's what it's all about.“
Marc Schöchlin, Principal Site Reliability Engineer, Breuninger

Our portfolio

We can guide you through the complex world of digitalization and unsettling business models with pragmatism and agility. To help you to face specific challenges, we can identify meaningful trends and innovations early on. In business and IT consulting as well as in custom software development, you can benefit from our expertise on a wide range of topics.

We can also train and coach you in all of these areas. We offer practical training courses with certified trainers, and can adjust these courses to meet your individual requirements.

With our engaged and goal-oriented work culture, we create the "perfect flow" together with you - the moment when time and emotion combine to create a successful whole. More agile, more mobile, more flexible - you can be all that and even more with agile software engineering. Our dedicated developers maximize transparency while minimizing your risks. Discover the whole world of digitalization. Let us pilot you to think outside the box and see your company with completely different eyes. Do you need support to transform your IT? We listen to you and focus our consulting on your needs. Our broad range of expertise helps you with your challenges.

Careers at Novatec

Do you like what you've read so far? Are these the topics that concern you? On our careers page, you can find out about our vacant positions and learn how much fun it can be to work for us!