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Discover exciting possibilities in the automotive industry: innovative mobility concepts, connected vehicles, personalizable value-added services and revolutionary sales channels. Take advantage of these digitization topics and enhance customer experience. We’ll help you build the right platforms and drive your business forward in a targeted way. Find out how you can shape the future of mobility with us.

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Intelligent digitization in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is experiencing a revolutionary transformation through intelligent digitization. In addition to e-mobility, this transformation is being defined above all by the widespread integration of digital technologies. New mobility concepts are increasing in importance, while sales are moving from offline to online business.

In this new era, customer loyalty is growing enormously in value and also needs to continue to be cared for after the vehicle has been purchased. Connected services and innovative after-sales products play a decisive role in this.

This comprehensive transformation opens new business opportunities for you and requires the integration of intelligent digital solutions into existing business models. With our innovative approaches, we help you seize these opportunities and succeed. Discover the benefits of Connected Cars and experience a seamless connection between vehicle and environment. We also help you design outstanding customer experiences and optimize interfaces between customers and dealers.

Our Automotive Industry Services

The automotive industry is facing a multitude of challenges that we can jointly master! From connected vehicles and innovative mobility concepts to the digitization of existing processes and intelligent production technologies – the industry’s to-do list is both long and exciting.

What we offer:

Consulting and concept development for novel mobility concepts: We support you in developing innovative and future-oriented mobility solutions that meet your customers’ requirements.

Networked vehicles:   We offer solutions for seamless connectivity of your vehicles to ensure smooth communication and data transfer. This enables you to offer new features and services.

Develop individually bookable value-added services:   We help you design and deploy value-added services that offer additional benefits for your customers. These services can be individually selected and added to existing offers.

Building platforms for totally new sales channels: We support you in the development and implementation of digital platforms that enable you to create new sales channels. This allows you to expand your offers and reach new customers.

Training and knowledge transfer: We provide you with required know-how and show you how to enhance the customer experience with the above mentioned offers. We guide you through rollout and provide training and support to ensure that you can harness the full potential of digitization.

Your benefits through our expertise

With many years of experience in the automotive industry, we are your reliable partner who has the right solutions ready for all your challenges and/or will develop them with you. As experts in digital solutions, we not only focus on implementation, but also have a holistic view of the challenges in order to find and implement the best possible solution for your company and your end customers.

We have supported numerous Connected Services projects from the very beginning, building robust platforms along the way. We have also worked closely with our customers to develop and successfully implement innovative after-sales solutions. The automotive industry is our “home” and we share a passion for the automotive customer experience.

Our expertise in the automotive industry enables us to offer you the following advantages:

  • We speak your language. We don’t need to warm up.
  • We understand your business. We know what makes the automotive industry tick. When it comes to new business models, we are up to speed with you.
  • We are experts in IT. No matter how many of your end customers use newly developed services later – we have the experience for stable and scalable platforms for it.
  • We have already established the TISAX standard.
  • Tailored solutions for your specific challenges
  • Comprehensive view of your company’s and end-customer’s needs
  • Experience in developing and implementing connected services
  • Creating robust platforms for seamless connectivity between vehicles and the environment
  • Deploying innovative after sales solutions to increase customer satisfaction
  • Enthusiasm and passion for the automotive customer experience

With us as your partner, you can rest assured that we will find the right solutions to conquer your automotive challenges and successfully lead your company into the digital future. Get to know our unique combination of professional and technological consulting!

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