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The future of manufacturing is data-driven. Those who specifically collect, link and evaluate data optimize manufacturing processes – and develop smart products with intelligent components. You too can start relying on networking and modern technologies: Digitize your production processes and products!

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Our services for your production digitization

New technological developments and resource efficiency are key drivers in manufacturing and production. Our experts accompany you on your way to becoming a smart solutions manufacturer: We ensure secure data exchange, program customized software and integrate interfaces: Sensors, machine control, the cloud and your ERP – everything is networked.

We advise you on sensor and platform selection as well as on topics related to data science and data mining. Make your production ready for the future!

In doing so, we place great value on a precise stocktaking of your situation. Through transparent and open communication, we ensure your digitization project’s success.

With our agile mindset, we jointly implement changes profitably.

We offer:

  • Digital expertise  
  • Smart B2B-Products
  • Digital Transformation  
  • Production Process Transparency
  • Digital production planning
  • Pick-by-Vision  
  • Digital business models workshop


Your advantages through our IT services

Sound production decisions can only be made on the basis of comprehensive information. Objective data and key figures along the entire value stream provide you with the essential basis for quality-oriented decisions.

Data visualization:

Visualize, analyze and compare your data to develop innovative products, services and digital business models. This opens up new opportunities for you to act in a more forward-thinking way. By using data, you control production processes in real time.

Increase your production quality:

This enables you to act more flexibly and with greater foresight, save materials, improve quality, and shorten lead times. Our internal digitization experts use the scaling potential to optimize cross-departmental processes. This makes your company progressively faster, more flexible and consequently more competitive.

Clear customer focus:

We provide you with an overview of all your digital production processes. This allows your customers to benefit from innovative digital products and your company to position itself as a forerunner.

How we transform your production

Take advantage of all the digitalization has to offer for your production! We provide you with our extensive knowledge on new technologies, process optimization, digital transformation strategies and our many years of experience.

Through our process model, we uncover unknown security risks, compensate for a lack of internal expertise, and advise you on investment issues. As a result, you improve the quality of your digital processes and services, and offer your customers greater and sustainable added value.

The first step is a kick-off workshop where we assess the technological and domain realities in your organization. The result of the workshop: Goals developed together to make your company a strong manufacturing provider of the future.

Once the roadmap has been created, we work together to select the appropriate technologies for your products and projects. In the process, you define the requirements and framework conditions. We support you in validating the design by implementing a proof of concept (PoC). This allows you to test the system before you roll it out company wide.

In the rollout phase, we work with agile approaches and involve various stakeholders in the development process. In this way, we increase transparency during the development process through ongoing customer feedback. Through direct interaction with stakeholders, you progressively gain confidence in the new system.

Concurrently, each completed agile deliverable provides you with direct added value: Depending on the digitization phase, our experts stand ready to transfer the necessary knowledge or to contribute missing expertise.

After the project is completed, you will receive comprehensive documentation and detailed proposals regarding your digital future, for a gradual improvement of the architecture or for the integration of new use cases into the existing solution.

Your digital maturity level

Production and manufacturing industries are diverse and digitization initiatives can evolve at different speeds. Working with you, we measure your company’s digital maturity level to understand where you should start your transformation process.

This allows you to rapidly take necessary steps to move forward digitally. Once your digital maturity level has been identified, we can select relevant technologies that are necessary for you to reach the next level of digital transformation.

We provide support in assessing your level of digitalization and in analyzing your production processes and internal communications strategy.

Based your company’s software and hardware infrastructure and IT system landscape assessment, we will create a detailed digitization roadmap. Always in sight: Your goals and visions.

This roadmap serves as a guide for you to stimulate innovations and, in more mature phases, also to open up new revenue opportunities for your manufacturing.

We will gladly guide you through every development stage of your digitization initiative in every possible setup, without losing sight of your strategic goal.

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