Do you need strategies for digital transformation, digital business models or modernization of your application landscape? We are your roadmap provider in answering these strategic questions.

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Digital Strategy is more than just a plan

Are you looking to establish a modern IT architecture or review or assess existing architectures? Or maybe you need to see the big picture and would like to establish and put Enterprise Architecture Management into practice. Or would you like to build digitized and intelligently automated process chains, combining business process management with modern artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques? Are you interested in developing strategies for a cloud transformation? Or do you need to assess your existing cloud strategy? Do you need help with strategic questions about modernizing your IT?

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Our services for your digital strategy

Before we can think about taking action, we need to find answers to key strategic questions. Without a clear goal, transformation projects seldom lead to sustainable results.

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Data & Analytics

In the age of digitalization, data is the basis for your decisions. But it takes more than just collecting data – it’s about using it intelligently. Our Data & Analytics offering combines state-of-the-art technologies with strategic expertise to turn your data into valuable insights and business benefits.

Our services in Data & Analytics include:

  • Data Architecture: The architecture of your data landscape is essential for efficiency and performance. We develop a customized data architecture that supports your specific business goals while remaining flexible for future requirements.
  • Data Infrastructure: A robust and flexible data infrastructure is the backbone of any data & analytics strategy. We design and implement solutions that not only meet your current requirements, but also scale with your business.
  • Data Engineering: Our experts in data engineering design and implement efficient data flows and transformation processes to ensure the quality and availability of your data.
  • Data Analytics: With our analytics expertise, we transform your data into insights. We help you to identify hidden patterns, forecast trends and make informed decisions based on your data.
  • Reporting & Visualization: Visualization and reporting are crucial for making data understandable and manageable. We develop customized dashboards and reports that enable you to communicate and use your data effectively.
  • Data Governance: Effective data management requires clear guidelines and structures. Our team supports you in developing a comprehensive data governance strategy that ensures compliance and maximizes the value of your data.
  • Advanced Analytics / Artificial Intelligence: We use advanced AI models to generate valuable insights from your data volumes. This enables you to optimize processes, better understand customer needs and develop new business models.

We deliver a deep and long-standing understanding of data & analytics. Let us collect your data together and use it strategically to realize your business benefits.

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Smart Products

Our services for your smart product project conversion

A Smart Product leverages all areas of the IoT and much more. We support you in all IT-technical challenges and in this way form an interface to OT (Operational Technology), for example:

  • Discussing and creatively brainstorming new work processes or business models.
  • Introducing agile project management
  • Designing and implementing a secure connection for data transfer from the smart product to the cloud
  • Selecting a suitable platform for data visualization, storage and analysis
  • Selecting suitable sensors and IoT gateways for your product, optionally with concept design and prototyping
  • Implementing, configuring and, if required, operating an IoT solution

Your Options

Communication between products, users and suppliers opens up new possibilities to make relevant information available at any time. Condition monitoring, asset tracking, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented and virtual reality are just a few areas that play a major role in technological progress. Companies that are already successfully automated (networked) inproduction, warehousing, service and purchasing, find that IoT and the networking of smart products offer further opportunities to optimize their processes or increase added value of their products and services.

Let yourself be fascinated: Even small steps towards networking and information exchange improve operation, increase transparency, integrate specialized expert knowledge – and thereby increase user benefits and appeal of your offering.

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Enterprise Architecture Management

Enterprise Architecture Management  

With sound Enterprise Architecture Management, you can increase your efficiency and improve collaboration between business departments and IT. We will guide you in successfully setting up, optimizing and continuously developing your enterprise architecture.

Our EAM services

Consulting: Our experienced EAM consultants are able to quickly understand your specific requirements and develop customized solutions. We provide support in defining your EAM strategy and help you to apply appropriate tools and methods to achieve your goals.

Assessment: With our comprehensive EAM assessment, we assess the maturity of your enterprise architecture and identify weaknesses and potential for improvement. Based on the results, we work together with you to develop an action plan to optimize your EAM practices.

Tool Selection: A key success factor lies in choosing the right high-performance enterprise architecture tools. Since we regularly conduct tool surveys, we have a clear view of the market and know which tools are best suited for which situation. Based on concrete use cases, we present these tools to you and prepare you for final tool selection

  • More about tool selection

EAM implementation: We will guide you through your EAM initiative and help you implement appropriate frameworks such as TOGAF® and modeling languages such as ArchiMate. Our approach is cross-industry and flexible, so we can also meet your very specific requirements

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)   

Why Artificial Intelligence?  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not only groundbreaking, it is actively shaping the future of the way we work and live. From the optimization of operational processes to the creation of new, innovative solutions – AI opens up possibilities.  

AI is capable of solving complex problems, making predictions, processing visual information and creating personalized user experiences. It enables us not only to generate knowledge from data, but also to make action-oriented recommendations that lead to better decisions.  

Why AI solutions with Novatec? 

At Novatec, we not only understand the technology behind AI, but also how it can be used strategically to create real value. Our data experts specialize in integrating AI into existing system landscapes and building AI as an integral part of your digital strategy. Our areas of expertise include:  

  • Generative AI & Large Language Models (LLMs)  
  • Forecasting & anomaly detection  
  • Computer vision  
  • Customer analytics & pricing  
  • Recommender Systems  

25 years of experience in professional software development combined with 20 years of experience in the field of data – we understand our craft down to the smallest detail and are the ideal partner for your AI projects: Step-by-step, from AI strategy to the operation of AI solutions. 

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Before we can think about taking action, we need to find answers to key strategic questions. Without a clear goal, transformation projects seldom lead to sustainable results.

Tailor-made solutions can only succeed based on a goal-oriented strategy. Our strategy experts support our clients in mastering complex strategic challenges. We provide answers to strategic questions as a foundation for tailor-made solutions and consequently give our customers a competitive edge. What is your specific strategic issue?

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