What does a cloud-based business strategy look like? What are the technological stumbling blocks? Take advantage of our experience and work with us to develop a cloud strategy that is aligned with your business processes.

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Cloud services as the foundation for your digitization

Using cloud services brings with it a whole range of benefits. Let’s take a closer look at what these look like and how your company can benefit from a well-coordinated cloud strategy.


Fast action and response times are probably the most fundamental advantage of cloud computing. It manifests itself in many different areas, from quicker release cycles to accelerated customer needs implementation to speedier onboarding of new employees.


In addition to increased speed, enhanced flexibility is also evident on a number of levels. This includes automatic application scaling as well as rolling out individual services during operation for low risk testing under production conditions. Flexibility also means keeping important options open with as little vendor lock-in as possible.


Transparency is a key reason for many customers, who are plagued by on-premise governance, to look to the cloud. Advantages arise particularly in inventory, improved cost control through simple cost driver identification, as well as improved monitoring through integrated observation and diagnostic options.

Employer attractiveness and employee satisfaction

How do you think a top graduate of a university will choose when the options are “administration of a J2EE environment” and “development of infrastructure as code to successfully run containerized mircoservices?” Cloud development increases employer attractiveness through the use of contemporary technologies.


Application “resilience” can be significantly improved over traditional data center operations. Dynamic resource switching during high application loads, high resistance to attacks from the cloud platform itself, and chaos and resilience engineering increase resilience even in exceptional situations.

Our services

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Cloud Strategy & Governance

Our Cloud Strategy & Governance service

Cloud Strategy & Governance includes a 360-degree perspective of all essential topics.

Strategy analysis and alignment

Working with you, we identify which workloads will be moved to the cloud, so that the end result is a viable strategy that is optimally aligned with your company’s business processes.


Using the latest technologies is not only appealing in terms of application, it also makes you an attractive employer in the “war for talent”. With targeted knowledge and skills development in trainings and workshops, we ensure that all participants are fit for the required technology disciplines.

Implementation and support

In cooperation with you, we will turn your cloud strategy into reality. Our colleagues become part of your team and work with you to create highly automated and case-specific cloud platforms.


We often see applications from well before 2010 that are not technologically ready for a cloud environment. “Lift and Shift”, “Big Bang” or “ReImplement” are examples of possible cloud migrations. We will guide you to your optimum solution with all our wealth of experience.


The question almost always arises, “How would the cloud get along with our legacy systems?” Messaging, Event-Driven, Synchronous/Asynchronous, Sockets, File Transfer, Bean Lookup, Unknown Protocols, ESBs, Firewalls, AirGaps, etc. There is a lot to consider when building a suitable and secure integration platform.


We address all areas of cloud governance with our cloud governance framework: from defining strategic, tactical and operational decisions, responsibilities and processes to protecting corporate data and using the cloud in compliance with regulations.

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Cloud Security

Our cloud security services

The cloud can definitely be secure, often even more secure than some existing on-premise solutions. But the way to it is sometimes difficult to find.

Working together with you, we create and expand flexible and secure cloud architectures. We speak the language of managers, data center administrators and development teams. In cooperation with each stakeholder, we work with you to develop a secure cloud architecture – matching your cloud strategy – and regardless of whether it is a public, private or hybrid cloud.

The Novatec team is not only made up of experts in architecture and development. Our knowledge and experience extend far beyond that. In collaboration with us, cloud security does not become something abstract, but a very concrete implementation. Starting with architecture, learning during development, living during monitoring. From Showstopper to Enabler and Accelerator.

Whether at the beginning, in the middle or at an intermediate end of cloud activity, it is always worth investing in the consideration of attack vectors and opportunities for improvement. We do not offer a ready-made service, rather work together with you to achieve this.

Important building blocks in our services are:

  • Cloud Security Risk Assessment / Cloud Architecture Assessment / Cloud Architecture Review.
  • Cloud Architecture Threat Modeling
  • Setup and automation for Business Continuity Disaster Recovery
  • Securing existing cloud architectures
  • Securing application migration to the cloud
  • Building zero-trust architectures
  • Creating cloud security roadmaps
  • Secure data migration

With this service, we enable teams to build and operate cloud platforms securely. In conjunction with this, we offer training courses on all of the above topics. Get in touch with us.

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When designing a cloud strategy for your company, we usually proceed in three steps.

Current State Analysis

Before we get into the technical strategy, we listen and look to understand what your current situation is. This information is the foundation for all subsequent steps.

Technical Situation – Cloud Readiness Assessment

We identify candidates for a feasibility study that demonstrate how a transformation can be implemented using a practical example. This proof of concept is key, as it often produces practical insights that influence the migration path.

Target vision and feasibility study: We identify candidates for a feasibility study that demonstrates, through practical examples, how a transformation can be implemented. This proof of concept is of central importance, as it often yields practical insights that can influence the migration path.

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