IT services for other Industries

Every industry is directly or indirectly affected by digitization. Let us show you what opportunities and possibilities this opens up for you and how your company can achieve a competitive advantage through digitization. Working together, we will transform your processes into a customized digitization solution.

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IT services for other Industries

The future is digital. Companies that would like to offer their customers and employees digital services face a variety of challenges in the process. The challenge is, above all, to move from manual, cost-intensive and error-prone process execution to fully digitized workflows. The end goal is to move from “classic” automation using business process management to the realm of intelligent process automation by enriching it with technologies from the field of Artificial Intelligence. This leads to more transparency in digital workflows, a better customer experience through digital processes with direct feedback, and cost savings through automation.

Our services for other industries

Establishing intelligent digitization is one of our core competencies. We use these for our customers in the automotive, insurance and manufacturing industries. We also have expertise in many other industries. Our consultants have implemented and supported digitization in many projects in companies from a wide range of industries. To give you an overview, let us present a few examples:

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Creating an IoT platform for an energy company

Our customer develops and sells battery storage for the energy transition. With Organic Solid-Flow technology used in this process, any amount of energy can be stored and released in an environmentally friendly way. Based on these batteries, our client is building an IoT platform that maps a digital offering and targets “energy-as-a-service” models.

Novatec provided support in mapping the digital business models: starting with transparency regarding the batteries sold by means of condition monitoring, data-driven optimization (locally and across the board) of battery use by adjusting parameters, networking numerous batteries on the grid, up to participation in electricity trading by offering the capacities of their own and third-party batteries.

Our know-how in the area of business process management as well as our expertise in IoT and IoT platforms made us the ideal partner in this project for our innovative client.

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Introducing Enterprise Architecture Management for a Municipal Client

Our client is a large German city and its municipal utility services. Key IT data are: Approx. 9,000 IT workstations running dozens of specialist applications, which are operated in several data centers. The goal was to establish Enterprise Architecture Management in order to effectively manage the further development of its IT infrastructure based on their digitization strategy in a future-oriented context.

At the core of the assignment was a three-stage project with “EAM conception and definition of EAM nucleus,” “EAM tool selection,” and “piloting of the EAM nucleus phases. By nucleus, we mean core in the sense of a “Minimal Viable Architecture”. The third phase, piloting the EAM nucleus, involved fundamental development of a cloud strategy for the customer’s IT. For this task, our EAM experts worked successfully with our cloud computing specialists to the customer’s benefit.

One of the project’s focal points was to enable the internal enterprise architects to continue EAM establishment independently after the end of the project. In addition to our consulting services, employees attended training sessions on the topic with our experts.

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Developing a portal for process digitization for a non-profit organization.

Our client is a non-profit organization in the healthcare sector with over 1,000 employees. A self-service portal is the central and secure point of contact for outsiders to actively interact with the organization. When using the portal, numerous complex processes run in the background. Due to these increasingly complex interrelationships, it was necessary to fully digitalize these processes and the self-service portal.

Novatec supported the project with experts from our Business Process Management department and software engineers from our Digital Solution Development department. This fruitful cooperation in connection with Novatec’s agile mentality led to achieving the set goals with maximum transparency for our client. It was possible to react flexibly to necessary changes at any time with the knowledge of all parties involved.

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Site Reliability Engineering for an IT Services Company

Our customer develops a software for tax consultants. This software is used for the exchange of documents between law firms and their clients. Continuous growth and increasing numbers of users characterize the offer, so that the requirements for the product have grown. As a result, the application was relaunched on a cloud platform as a multitenant system and client data was migrated.

Our client sought a contractor to operate and monitor the cloud infrastructure. Novatec’s Site Reliability Team took on this task and is now responsible for operating the software in collaboration with the client and its DevOps team. Adaptations to the infrastructure due to new requirements or changed user behavior are made dynamically and, whenever possible, proactively. In addition, our cloud computing experts are available for in-depth analyses and special requests.

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