Leading the way as a role model

Agile organizations only work if everyone takes part. That includes management. To be even clearer: Management needs to take the lead. So it’s high time to address the topic of agile leadership.

But what’s special about agile leadership? How can you successfully adjust your organizational structure and reward systems? What building blocks are required for career development in the modern world? And how can you anchor this new understanding of leadership in management and employees?

We have the answers to these questions, and we’re happy to share this knowledge with you. Benefit from our experience in agile leadership, Management 3.0, coaching, and visionary management. You’ll become an agile role model for your employees before you know it!

Your path to an agile mindset

Please remember: If you decide to introduce agile methods, this will also have consequences for management. After all, if you expect something from your employees, you need to be able to do it yourself – even when it feels like standing on your head with your hands tied behind your back! You need to show direction and epitomize the new methods.

We therefore recommend that you think about agile leadership early on. Knowing what Scrum is and how it works is simply not enough. Instead, you need to acquire an agile mindset and make yourself familiar with topics like organizational change and Management 3.0. Experience has shown that the fastest way to do this is with a combination of training courses and on-the-job mentoring. We’ll be happy to advise you and accompany you on your journey towards agile leadership.

Your direct contact

Lutz Malburg

Agile Organization Expert