One goal, one language

If it’s not used properly, even the best business process management solution is good for nothing. This means that it’s vital to consider the different needs of business and IT as well as successfully reconciling methods and technology.

An impartial view from outside really helps here. That’s what our technology consultants provide. But that’s not all. We’re experts in process modeling, too. With us as a partner, you’ll successfully reconcile specialist department requirements with those of IT.

Proof of concept – decide with your head rather than taking a stab in the dark

Do you want to get the very best out of your processes, but don’t know exactly how to do so? Thanks to our years of experience in the digitalization and automation of processes, we’re sure of one thing: The best and safest way is a proof of concept (PoC) approach.

This typically takes between three and five days. During this time, we check the specific constellations at the site, assess critical points that our experience has shown to be important, and work together with you step-by-step to develop the best solution for integration into your existing landscape. In addition, we provide support during the test phase and show you how any discrepancies can be rectified before the actual implementation.

With our PoC approach, you hold all of the trump cards in your hand. You:

  • Benefit from planning security and a valid decision basis
  • Become familiar with the capability of the solution
  • Speed up the overall implementation process

Architecture review – the perfect elixir to organizational tunnel vision

As an IT specialist, you’ll be aware of this: There’s no architecture and no process that can’t be improved in some way or another. And in the case of new developments, some doubts and questions repeatedly pop up: Am I still on the right path? Am I getting the most out of my BPM solution? A comprehensive architecture review can answer these questions. IT is particularly prone to a risk of organizational tunnel vision over time. For this reason, a regular, objective examination from the outside is vital, because it opens up new doors.

Together with you, we’ll assess your software, system, or corporate architecture, choose the appropriate review methods and techniques, and apply them. In this way, we’ll identify weaknesses in the system and provide you with the security you need through valuable information. You can then better assess the quality of your solution and obtain reliability in your decision-making.

Architecture consulting – so you can fully exploit all of the advantages of BPM

You’ve recognized the fact that you can make your processes more transparent, uniform, and fast as well as improving their quality with BPM. You’re now ready to take the next step, but you need a reliable navigator to guide you and provide you with competent advice. Perhaps you’re asking yourself how you can best develop and operate automated processes independently of each other. And you want to know how to ensure comprehensive process transparency at the same time. And how can you operate BPM in a serverless architecture?

We’ll show you how to take your BPM tools into the cloud and successfully integrate them into your company-wide application landscape. Or we can show you how the topic of BPM can be used effectively in the context of a microservice architecture. If required, we’ll be happy to take a look at your existing implementations, too. Because sometimes “good” isn’t “good enough”.

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